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Things that you DO NOT WANT to happen to Clementine, and the group she resides in.

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If there were one thing that you did not want to see happen to Clementine and her group, what would it be?

  • Definitely do not want her to have a Carl situation from the season finale. And I don't want her to die either, of course. At this point, I like all of the cabin group (plus Kenny and Sarita) so I don't want anything bad to happen to them, but unfortunately their pain is practically guaranteed. </3

  • Looking at Amid the Ruins slide it's probably happening, but Clementine straight up killing somebody, by her own hands and by her own will, still worries me. For me she has no blood on her hands yet other than Lee out of mercy; the the thought of that changing with her straight up murdering some sorry bastard is...concerning. Even if it is someone who may deserve it, like Carver.

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    ^I'm not so much against the idea of it from a story perspective, it just kind of hurts looking at her and picturing what she's going to have to do by the end of this. :(

    • To me, it all depends on her reaction to doing something like that. If after shooting Carver, she becomes physically ill and breaks down in tears, I wouldn't have any problem with that whatsoever. I just don't want her to become desensitized to doing violence to others.

    • If that's the case, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a choice.

    • The worst thing about it though is she can't just walk or run away if someone is harming her. Whenever it was Lee it was easier because Lee is first of all intimidating and second of all, there's not much of a reason for them to chase after Lee (besides what the stranger did) and even still Lee was ready to fight him back after all of that. What i'm trying to say is that Clementine just has to kill people that are going to harm her. As much as it breaks my heart to see her have to do those sorts of things, it's kill or be killed for her now.

  • I would hate another time skip to occur during these next few episodes. The first 2 were fine for me in this season, but things are getting really good and to start skipping to the most important events would be disappointing, as I think that every moment from this point forward has the potential to be something cool. If it's just them walking around or sleeping with nothing going on that's fine, but don't just have Clem accept the way things are and wait till someone else decides to move the story forward.

  • Clem revealed to be infected with rabies thanks to Sam's bite. Luke showing a "romantic interest" towards Clem. Kenny dying. Sarita dying. Sarah spazzing out and killing someone in the group with a gun.

    But most importantly, ANOTHER MOTHERF***ING TIME SKIP.

  • clem starts listening to jb music.

  • I don't want to see everyone in Clem's group die, and for her to be in the exact same situation she was in at the beginning on episode 1 (just her and Christa [if she survives] in the woods heading to Wellington), so all the story and characters from this season served no purpose other than emotionally crippling Clem.

    And then next season she talked to another survivor, and when they ask her her story, she looks away sadly and says, "Their names were LEEOMIDKENNYLUKEPETENICKCARLOSSARAHBLAHBLAHBLAH."

    I would be so pissed off. Yeah, I'm expecting a sad or bittersweet ending, but I want to see more than one person make it out.

  • I don't want Clem to end up all alone at the end again. I know she's a fictional character, but dammit I care about this girl so much...

  • I'd hate to see Kenny's beard go rouge and kill half the planet.

    Or would I?

  • Somehow remeeting the St. Johns. I couldn't kill them in my main S1 playthrough, so who knows whether they're alive or not.

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