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Season 2 Timeskip

posted by ShaneWalsh on - last edited - Viewed by 1.8K users

Does anyone else think it would of been good to play as Clementine more sooner after Season 1 rather than there being a big 16 or 18 month skip in time? All we got was one chapter where Omid gets killed.

There must of been a lot happen in that amount of time like Christa giving birth etc and it would of meant Clem still would be with what was left of the S1 gang in Omid and Christa rather than just meeting a whole load of new people right away. I don't know if TT wanted the time to move forward that quickly or whether they did it just to get Clem a bit older and stronger looking. I thought playing as Clem at that period in time was really cool! sadly though it was just one chapter.

I love Season2 so far and I think it will get even better hopefully, but I still feel as though there is too much playing time as Clem gone to waste in that timeskip. :(

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