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What do you think of Kenny's idea to head to Wellington?

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In it he mentions.... Fresh water. Lots of land. And cold winters that, in theory, would slow the walkers down, if not cause them to freeze solid.

The distance between North Carolina and Wellington is 853 miles. Walking 20 miles a day, if able, it would take roughly 42 days to get there. 10 miles a day would make it an 85 day trip!

Since the most common way to travel seems to be on foot, the group's members, Kenny, Clementine, Luke and etc, are no doubt in very good shape physically. So the trip from that standpoint, to me, seems possible.

And as far as the danger of being attacked by walkers on the way, is nothing new to them. After almost 2 years since it all began, they should be pretty adept at dealing with any walkers that show up. At least Kenny sure is, and even Clementine's skills seemed to have sharpened significantly.

Of course, walkers are not the only thing to be concerned about. There's also Bears,( mostly black bear, as Grizzlies are mostly found in Alaska, Canada, Wyoming, and parts of California), Cougars, Wolves, ( Which can also be found in some eastern states), Coyotes, ( Who tend to take down small animals when not scavenging, and a child could be on their dinner menu).

However since civilization has but all disappeared, these animals would no doubt be spreading out into other states, as they done hundreds of years before. So those are added dangers the group would have to face!

Granted, fresh water and having lots of land is never not a good thing. They only thing I would personally be concerned about is, keeping warm and fed when winter strikes. Winters in Michigan are extremely harsh, as I'm sure anyone who lives in Michigan will attest to.

However, when everything is said and done, I think it's a good plan in itself. Not only because it's with in the realm of possibility, but also because it conveys a message of hope. That yes, mankind will persevere in the face of adversity, and eventually become victorious!

That's one thing I've always loved about Kenny, and is one of the things that has always drawn me to his personality, his relentless hopefullness.

When they do arrive, on thing that I hope is a dialogue option is, to suggest that the group, recon the place, to see if it's friendly or not. Kenny may just want to walk up the place and ask to enter, as he does tend to be impetuous at times.

How about you, what are your thoughts on Kenny's plan to head to Wellington?

  • I've got a bad feeling that Wellington is just another "Boat" or "S.S. Salt-lick". It sounds great in theory, but things are bound to go wrong.

  • I think it would be a bad idea to head to Wellington. The cons out weigh the pros to me.

    Pro: 1. Huge community

    1. Winter = slower and fewer walkers

    2. Wellington possibly has a food source of some kind.

    3. We may reunite with other lost characters.

    4. We may meet up with other good travelers.


    1. Huge community but who is it run by? It could be a cult or someone worse then Carver.
    2. Winter does have slower and fewer walkers but Winter is only temporary. In the comic after the first winter the walkers just got back up out of the snow and were back to normal herding up and chasing people.
    3. There's also the danger of living outside during the cold winter nights getting frost bite and freezing to death.
    4. If Kenny and Lilly were to meet up again if they both were headed to wellington I bet they would kill each other but odds of that are slim. Even worse what if in a bizarre twist of events Lilly was the leader at Wellington since she had a thirst for for leadership in season 1 but that's also unlikely.
    5. Lots of other people are headed to Wellington meaning food scavenged along the way will be scarce. Even hunting would be limited due to animal hibernation and among those people headed to wellington there are bound to be bad people.
    • You've raised some very important points. But isn't still worth trying at least? People need to believe there is hope. And everyone needs a purpose. Otherwise they fall apart, and people like the St John's are born.

      Without hope, people can become like wild animals. Doing whatever it takes, including hurting or killing innocent people, in order to survive. And in the process, sacrificing everything that makes them human beings.

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  • It's as good a plan as any. Even if Wellington turns out to be bullshit or overrun, it keeps their heads busy and gives them something to aim to. "Try not to die" is not the best life goal. And I think all the grizzly bears and coyotes are eaten by walkers by now, if not by people.

  • The walkers and animals are the only threat. As Jolene says "it's the living you gotta worry about." The group has a couple of hunting rifles, some pistols and melee weapons. They'd be fine against Walkers, but a few hostile scavengers armed with assault rifles would take them apart.

    Overall, Wellington is a big 'hope spot', but I sincerely doubt that it's a long-term solution.

    • Just commenting about the groups weapons. And the groups ability to defend themselves.

      When Carver attacked, the group was almost completely caught off guard. Plus they already had walkers they were dealing with, and were therefore already out in the open. If they had been forced up in the lodge at the time of the attack, even though they didn't have assault rifles, I firmly believe Kenny's group,( I merely say Kenny's group, as Kenny seems like more of natural leader), could have repelled Carver and his thugs.

      Even though they had hunting rifles and some pistols, being forted up in the lodge, would give them a huge advantage. Carver would surely be smart enough not to rush them while they're in there. And with food in the cabin, as well as drinking water I'm sure, Kenny's group could hold out for quite a long time.

      Plus, their hunting rifles would be a lot more accurate then Carver's assault rifles! Firing from the second floor or alternatively the roof, Kenny and Nick,( as he's the only other man in the group armed with a rifle), could pick off Carver and his thugs from complete or at least relative safety.

      And about Wellington, it may not be a Permanent solution, but it does give them purpose. A reason to keep going!

  • i like the idea but nick doesn't like the ice ice baby

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    He can go. I'm staying with Luke. :3

  • i think as long as shelter/sufficient blankets/clothes can be found and they can tough out the winter, theoretically it should be great. but since anything that can go wrong will go wrong, I doubt it'll be that easy.

  • I think it's a great plan, because if Christa is anywhere then she's going to be heading to Wellington. I don't think Wellington itself will be pleasant in the slightest, but I simply want to get there because it's the best chance of finding out what happened to Christa.

  • Not going to lie, I honestly hope Wellington is actually going to be everything it sounds like it'll be and will actually result in a happy ending, but at the same time I am well aware of how "safe havens" are like in The Walking Dead. They come in one of three possible scenarios:

    1. A hope spot that crumbles once they get there, the place overrun or no safety to be found anywhere
    2. Only appears good, but in reality turns out to be like the St. John farm or worse.
    3. An actually haven... that eventually falls either from a horde of Walkers or an all out war between different human groups

    Just once, just ONCE I'd like the supposed safe haven to live up to its promise and stay safe!

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