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Is it just me or is Snow kind of a bitch?

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I mean, obviously there's the infamous line from episode 2 where she tells Bigby "I'm not yours to lose", but wasn't she also kind of a hardass about Aunty Greenleafs tree? I was on the fence about what to do with AG at first, but then Snow started being rude, telling Bigby that burning down the tree is an order, and generally just not giving a crap about Auntys well being at all, so I kind of just thought, "fuck you, Snow" and hired Greenleaf. Snow didn't like that, but I decided to do what's right instead of what she wanted out of misplaced vengeance for Cranes creepiness. This makes me sad, because usually Snow's so compassionate and reasonable and kind, but it seems like sometimes she just lets her emotions get the better of her. Don't get me wrong, I've grown to love Snow's character over the course of this series like I love very few other fictional characters (Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2 springs to mind), I'm just disappointed in the mean streak she's been showing lately. What do y'all think?

  • She can be upset, she can be mean, but what annoys me is she always acted like she was better person than Bigby, pointing out Bigby's temper problem and his violent nature, then she acts like that?

  • Looking at Snow's situation so far, especially when consideing her back-story not seen in the game, remind me of a quote when reading/watching Dolores Claiborne.

    "Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold onto."

  • She's probably just on the edge. I mean from her perspective she has blood on her hands because of what happened to Lily. Also a psycho was making a prostitute look like her and banging her using fabletown money I don't see how that wouldn't make anyone in her place unstable. She just wanted to finish that mess before it was too late.

  • Yeah this episode she wanted to burn the tree witch would result in ruining someones life and considered herself the boss of the office. It didn't sit well with me. Bluebeard or Bigby are the only ones capable of running the office, in my opinion.

  • I'm guessing she's turning into the ice queen she is in the comics

  • So a girl whose boss is having dark sexual fantasies about her can't act on her emotions without being called a bitch? Umm, right.

    • She kept doing it EVEN before she fucking knew it so yeah it's her substantial and not cause.. I miss episode 1 Snow White, I FUCKING MISS EPISODE 1 SNOW WHITE. You know what I bet the current Snow is a glamoured someone else and not actually Snow, yes call me fucking crazy but I still believe it's not the real snow. For me the old Snow died a long time ago.

    • Of course it's a stressful situation for her, and I feel for her because of that. But why "act on her emotions" towards someone who has almost nothing to do with it? Aunty's just trying to make a living, and what she's doing is not intrinsically bad. Crane could have just as easily bought the glamour from someone officially qualified to sell it, and the outcome would have been the same. I don't believe Aunty's at fault here. It's obvious to me that whoever killed Lilly thought that Lilly was Snow, and was trying to send a message to Bigby. Aunty had nothing to do with that. She makes a product, and whatever her clients do with that product is irrelevant to her. Snow was just creeped out that Crane bought the glamour from Aunty, and therefore had ill feelings toward her based on circumstantial events, and that's plain wrong in my opinion. I understand her feelings, but it's not right to act on them like that.

  • Auntie was involved into the Murders with her own little 'cheaper' Market. Obviously not intended to support something like such Crimes. But Glamours are like Drugs in Fabletown i guess. Naturally Crime will be involved at a certain Time. It's the easiest Target for it because a lot of Fables are needing it. And she's just a old Lady after all. She lost Control over it or simply got intimidated from higher Instances.

    And Snow just wanted to have a proper Act being done there. The right Thing. Yeah she was a little too forceful and maybe it got over her Head with burning down the Tree. She too is personally going through all of it with the Lilly and Crane Thing. Its tough to keep a clear Head. Also she is the most of a Representative who should stay for kindness and function in all of this. Moral Authority. Try to keep it up and you're having a hard Time.

    • Yeah, but it is poor writing to not give her a chance at Greenleaf's to recover some of her morality. Bigby can start to try with 'lets hire her' but she won't give an inch no matter what you have done with her in the past (Bigby being nice and winning her trust).

  • Snow is the only political authority and probably was after Cole went on a diplomatic trip. Snow has become obsessed with the case since episode 2. Crane took snips of her hair and gave it to Aunty Greenleaf. Finding out what Crane was doing made her snap. She snaps when the dwarves are mentioned in the comics.

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