• I just killed him because i play as if I were him. And since im like the person who gets mad when angry, this anger-transform-to-werewolf-and-get-a-chance-to-kill-someone just suited me. No regrets.

    Btw Im interested in Dee's teeth number after this (if you beat him up he has some missing, and after throwing him onto that car.. Well..xd)

  • I guess, if u killed his brother, his next attack will be on Snow, to make u feel what u did to him, killing someone important to u. but i don't think he will manage to do it.

  • I like to play Bigby as close to his comic book self as I can, and he's much more controlled and professional - and ruthless - there than he is in the game. That means being efficient and impersonal as far as possible. The other most essential thing is putting Snow above and before everything else, reeling her in regardless of brownie points when she takes things too personally and it begins to affect her judgement, such as with Greenleaf, and trying not to do anything to risk permanently ruining their relationship while also not debasing Bigby by sucking up to her. To me, Bigby is perfectly capable of stopping himself from going too far, especially when Snow is RIGHT THERE, looking at him. Killing Dee would be obvious and satisfying, yes, but Snow naturally takes priority. It's that simple.

    Conversely, I took real pleasure in torturing Dee for info in Episode Two because Bigby thought Snow was dead, removing his main incentive to stay civil, or stay at all. My Bigby at that point was thoroughly heartbroken, and only cared about finding the fucker who killed Snow, tearing him apart along with anyone who stood in the way and then getting out of that shithole of a town and back to nature where no-one would ever bother him again, making it all the more bittersweet when he realized that it was all a trick and that his behavior when he thought Snow was gone might have actually screwed up his chances with her. And I can just imagine his relief when that turned out not to be the case, and she still trusted him in spite of it. That sequence alone, and the fact that it was so easy to give it that kind of emotional depth, made TWAU my favorite game of the year.

  • I killed him, in real life, there is no way i would let someone live who shot me dozens of times. Its purely self defence. I suppose its not the morally right thing to do, but dont fuck with the big bad wolf.

  • I went really dark in this episode, killed Dee, burnt the tree and tbh I didn't regret a bit of it

  • Sorry for spelling English is not my first langues I killed him but later a was thinking. Why did I do it? because he won't do anything against Fabletown, Snow or my? I'm the asshole because a killed a guy because I wanted revenge! So I played it again and know I'm happy because he lifes a another day

  • At the moment I wanted to kill him so bad. But after I killed him and you see Snows face I felt like an asshole haha..

    Well you gotta live with your choices

  • I usually try to play these games in the most peaceful way possible (didn't rip off Grem's arm/stopped punching Beast when he was down/didn't burn Greenleaf's tree), but I completely changed the way I usually play during this episode. I killed him and I still don't regret it. I've acted nicely around them since episode 1 and they constantly try to fuck Bigby over, they crashed Lily's funeral and shot Holly, Grem, Bigby and almost shot Snow, they're involved with the bad guys and tried to kill Bigby on that alley scene. The way I see it he deserved what was coming.

    The only thing I regret about that is possibly hurting Bigby's relationship with Snow, but I think it'll be fine.

  • I feel maybe the TweedleDipshits will maybe be useful in the next episode because like Flycatcher said they help anyone who needs it. The Tweedles are only helping because they are getting paid. And most likely they will be betrayed by Bloody Mary and the Crooked man at some point because that's what usually ends up happening. But if we could get them on Bigby's side... That would be awesome. Two past enemies working together against a common enemy. But if you killed Dum, maybe Dee would refuse to work with you.

  • I felt had information so be more useful alive and after flycatcher told me deep down their nice people it definitely affected my judgement kept them alive

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