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I know who the killer is and why everything that happens is happening.

  1. If you find the head of Faith in episode one, you can say that is was a warning, but was the warning actually for you? We know Faith had to pay The Crooked Man back, and because Crane came often to the Pudding and Pie, he should have known her. The warning was obviously for Crane, so he knows that this is what happens to the one's that don't pay back the Crooked man.

  2. The head was placed there by Tiny Tim, you can see him driving the cab of the Crooked man and he is first in line in episode 1, Tiny Tim probably placed the head there and the next day he came to hte office for "business" but actually he was there to see if they got his "message"

  3. Bluebeard obviously knows what is going on with Crane, if you go to the Tweelde's brothers office first, he burns all the stuff of Crane, you know why? So Crane couldn't sell his own stuff to get money and pay back the Crooked man, if Crane couldn't sell his things so wouldn't have money, he would be killed or being held somewhere, and while Snow and Bigby would be too busy with the case, he could take over Fabletown.

  4. The Killer is probably Bloody Mary, in episode 1 Bigby tells you that something sharp or with magic attached to it killed Faith, Woody's axe is blessed.. and guess who has it now, Mary.

So what do you guys think about what i said above, and what is happing.

BTW: that red haired guy that everyone calls the boy who yelled wolf or something like that, he was probably going to play a BIG part, but because we figured out, his part is shortened, thus they didn't need the voice actor so much.. sooo, i feel bad you guys, we took someone their job because we figured that out. XDD

  • Interesting theory. It does not make sense for the Crooked Man to kill Faith or Lily. Even if he does profit from their work, usually chain of command trumps all and the girls work for Georgie. Georgie may be directly under CM, so the girls short changing Georgie would make Georgie a threat to kill. If ag, it cannything Georgie would have ordered the murders for fucking his shit up. And there are 2 people that work for Georgie who he would probably have do it. Vivian or Hans. Vivian is the only woman who does not have to strip, she's the one who carries the business. Remember Snow called Vivian to arrange the "massage", she know when fables are holding out. Hans, probably would do it if Georgie promised to let him strip. Unfortunately we don't know if Faith has serviced Crane or not. And as far as Lily, how often did Lily have to glamour herself as Snow? Especially if his lust for her lasted that long this could not be the first time he has her done it right? I think the CM's business is strictly for Crane. As far as the message, I'm not too clear on it.

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    Jenny_Pitcher BANNED

    Don't forget Tweedles were looking for a photo. Faith stole it from Crane. Why? What was her connection with Ichabod? Did brothers find it?

    Dee said few times (ep. 1 and 2) that him and Bigby are on same side. Lied? If not, Crooked Man is just protecting his business and somebody else is the killer.

    I don't believe Mary is a killer. No. Woodsman's axe, my theory; Woody left it in Lucky Pawn. He drinks and needed money.

    Bluebeard probably tried to get rid of anything that connects him with Crooked Man.

  • Love the OP's hypothesis. Most of it fits perfectly. Can't believe I didn't recognise that axe! I can well believe Bloody Mary killed Donkeyskin, but I believe someone else killed Lily. Allow me to explain.

    I believe the photo Faith stole was the photo planted to frame Crane. The Crooked Man/The Tweedles needed to keep Crane in his job to keep earning and taking bribes from Bluebeard in order to pay CM back.

    Remember how Lily's body was found in the river, head on doorstep, bloodstains on bed but no blood trail? Lily didn't die in there. That proves Crane's innocence with regard to murder. He has an unhealthy obsession with Snow White, is out to save his own skin and is terrified beyond comprehension. He's been protecting the Tweedles out of fear CM/Bloody Mary will come after him (they're CM's hitmen).

    I reckon Beauty was completely clueless. Nothing about her behaviour from meeting her on the front desk to when she reminded Bigby how Snow will feel suggests to me she had prior knowledge of any of it. I'm stunned Beast has any time to drink at the Trip Trap. 3 jobs, for crying out loud.

    I don't know who Lily's killer was but I'm willing to bet Nerissa planted the photo, maybe even the blood. The fable world is a mess, driven by money and fear. If Bigby could get on the trail of Crane's misdeeds, she thought, CM would send the Tweedles after him when he legged it and everyone else would get a bit of peace.

    That coming-up-in-ep4 scene where we harass the Woodsman again suggests to me Bigby's figured out BM's axe is probably Woody's and that it probably severed the heads of Donkeyskin and Lily.

    BM was the lurker in the scene outside Toad's place in ep1 where Bigby and Faith parted ways. Once BM acquired the axe (continuity error with Woody still having the axe in the mirror later), BM then demanded the photo, to be told DS no longer has it. When asked where and "these lips are sealed" came out (in order to protect Nerissa), BM went ballistic, axing Donkeyskin and shoving the goddamn ribbon in her mouth, as a symbolic gesture of frustration. BM or someone else then dumped the head on the Woodlands doorstep in order to scare the shit out of Crane or to alert Bigby anonymously that the murder had happened.

    • It could be that Lily was finally killed at the docks. Trolls are known to regenerate, and it seems that fables are pretty tough too all on their own.

      I think the ribbon would force the girl to go along with the fantasy of any paying 'John'. That would have her take off the dress and then get back on the bed. They cut/beat here to cause the blood pattern, and then she healed a bit on her way to the docks. (Dress torn but no blood, blood pattern that then ends, AND flowers in her hand.)

      Snow White in the picture book, and in the picture has her hands across her belly - where there are no flowers. So, at some point before her body dies or leaves, she had to grip them in her hand tightly.

      'Dead' bodies don't really get that beat up from rope - rope marks usually mean a struggle, or at least the ability to bruise over time. And what we saw on Lily was them cutting into the skin. So, probably struggle at some point.

      If you arrest the Woodsman, you get more people to look at after you talk to TJ. Specifically, you get both Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Tweedledum is still in the green car (which looks to be Crane's); but Tweedledee is looking in a fridge that only has a bottle of ketchup on the left side. Bigby's fridge fits that because it had ketchup and his Huff & Puff cigarettes only. So, the Huff & Puff cigarette found in room 207 is probably from Tweedledee. Who probably didn't 'fully' kill Lily, but was there to interact with Lily. Would give her a way to the docks, and someone whom she might need to obey from the Crooked Man.

  • I think it's too simple.

    Then again, I shouldn't expect the plot to be overly complicated, it's meant to be fun.

  • I said that Bloody Mary is the killer too, but not on this thread. So I can agree on the 4th point of your list.

    I have the feeling, even thou I can't prove anything, that Mary didn't kill them for the crooked man himself. I have the feeling that someone paid him to have mary kill lily and Faith for a reason.

    He then hired the Tweedles to go after Bigby, mess his investigations a little up so he couldn't get to crane before him.

  • This theory seems legit, but I'm not sure if the killer's Bloody Mary. It would be too cheap and simple to simply put her as the killer.

  • Well, I hope you're proud of yourself Ichabod. First a prostitute dies because of you and now that Telltale knows you saw through their schemes they'll rewrite the story AGAIN. Now, let's allhave fun waiting until August for episode four.

    Nah, I'm just joking, we'll probably wait until October.

  • "You're a better detective than i though you'd be" Your theory is very good. But better delete it ASAP. If u guessed rigth they will have to rewrite the story again... xd


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    Malvus BANNED

    Part of what makes Telltale so good with these episodic story games, is that they can grab feedback not only from playtests, but from us on the forums as well. They can adjust the story accordingly, bugs and whatnot. They could just make like 3 episodes and release them all at once but then they couldn't really just go back and change a story piece just from complaints, it will only make people more unhappy.

    My point is that even if you're theory could be true based on the Ep.4 trailer as well, Telltale could just do more plot twists in the next episode, and some of the scenes which you see in the trailers at the end of an episode never make it in that episode anyway. Personally, I think it's not really that easy to tell which is the killer, and I wouldn't want it to be that easy anyway.

    I'm sure the Crooked Man plays a big part in it but I doubt he would bring this much heat on him. That's just how I feel about it anyway, I wish we shouldn't be able to tell for sure at least until the end of episode 5, because if you can tell the killer 3 episodes in, well, what's the point of even playing the other episodes if you can already predict the plot.

    It's a solid theory but it's never that easy with Telltale games, there's always a plot twist, and frankly, I like it that way. It's what makes Telltale games so good. From the episode select you can tell what the basic premise for each episode is, though they also change with each episode release. Episode 4 looks to be Bigby going against Bluebeard taking charge of Fabletown and episode 5 looks to be Bigby going all out to get the killer. So yea, it's never that easy.

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