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Season 1 Save files pls?

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I just had to reset my whole PC and by this I lost my The Walking Dead Season 2 Save files but moore important i lost the ones of season 1. I dont really wanna play the first season a 3rd time just to get the save files so i ask you to send me some save files made with my decisions .

its not bad if its not the perfectly matching save file but it should match as good as possible

THank you :*

My decisions: Episode 1 :

Honesty : Lied to Hershel Who would you save? : saved Duck Loyality : Kenny Mercy : I gave Irene the gun Who would you save? :Doug

Episode 2: Savior : I chopped his leg Interrogation :I shot here Pragmatism :Didnt help to kill Larry Revenge : Didnt kill a both Survival: Took food

Episode 3: Sweet,mercifull Dead : i didnt shoot her Left behing : i left her Standoff: I fighted him A heavy burdon : i didnt shoot him A helping hand :i helped omid

Episode 4: The boy in the attic : i killed him Hippocratic oath : i didnt lie Home alone I brought het to crawford For whom the bells tolls : I didnt let him fall The bite reveal : I showed my bite

Episode 5: Desperation: i didnt remove the arm Fall out : i lost temper Disarmed : I gave my weapons Stranger : i killed the stranger Goodbye: i stopped lee from turning

  • You realize you're asking someone else to play through the season so you don't have to play through the season, right? I'm not even sure if transferring someone else's save files would work.

    My advice is to buck up and play through season 1 again yourself, and back up your saves if you're worried about resetting your PC becoming a thing. Don't mean to be rude, but that's how it is. If you can find someone to do this, that's great for you, but I doubt that will happen. Just play through and explore some choices you didn't make. 2 times isn't enough to experience the richness fully anyway. :)

  • Go play the game! It's awesome!

  • i didnt lie Home alone I brought het to crawford

    Wow such Engrish, I had a good time laughing rofl

  • I am pretty sure that just asking strangers to play the game for you is not gonna do any good :/

    I don't mean to be rude. I mean, honestly, i am going through the same situation as you. I am momentarily on episode 2 of the first season, i am just too lazy to play it all right now. But when i'm gonna finish it, i guess i'm only gonna replay season 2.

    Yeah. Life sucks. But, hey, look on the bright side, Lee technically did not die yet if you haven't played season 1... I mean, you did not have to go through it again...

    Oh, fuck it.

  • I would share my savefiles with you, but they don t fit at all, sorry. I would wait for your friend to come back and use your own save files. There is still enough time until the season ends.

  • Yeah seriously, you want your playthrough to be yours, go play season 1 again its great.

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    CathalOHara Moderator

    Oh wow, terrible luck. Have to play an entire great game again. Enjoy it. Don't ask for someone's files.

  • You guys don't consider the fact that if the guy's gonna do the same choices, it's gonna be like watching a movie you already watched few hours ago. The Walking Dead isn't a first person shooter, or a platformer, or whatever else, you don't get branching skill trees, and if the guy's forced to go through the game with the same choices he did before (Because the others may seem unsatisfactory to him), then that's not gonna be fun. It really is like watching a movie, he already knows how it's gonna play out, why are you guys giving him shit for being lazy and wanting a save file? You ever lost progress in a game? It's a terrible feeling, i once was very far into the game, but i didn't save since about 1 hour. Then i died, and i gone 1 hour back into the game. And since i know what i'm gonna play is the same shit all over again, i just wanna get it over with, i wanna make some new progress.

    If you guys think repeating 10 hours of the same thing is fun, then fine, but i don't. You only get that magical immersion into The Walking Dead when you play everything for your first time, otherwise you're just slugging along through it, especially when you lost your save file. The OP's just gonna go "Oh, yeah, and this is where the walker will appear." "Right, this is when Larry has a near-heart attack or whatever." "Oooh, that guy's dead, what a surprise..." The game is a STORY. If you know what the story is, don't tell me you can experience it the same way when you play 10 hours of it for your third time.

    • Thank you very much, at least someone here has enough brain to understand whats my real problem and who is not just flaming me :)

      And by the way to all the others i played it now already 2 times with the same decisions and it was quite boring at the second time already... so i dont want to imagine a third !

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