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Do I need to play the other Borderland games before this one?

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Just wondering

  • The first game? No. But the second game has the right mix of narrative and gameplay.
  • I dont think you will. I'm a huge Borderlands fan and if you have any interest in playing, play Borderlands 2. You can skip 1. I think they were great, but after playing the second, i struggle going back to the first. I can't wait for this though
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    Moowtje72 BANNED
    Played the Walking Dead Game first, and then watched the TV Series, no comics yet :(
    But I didn't have to watch the TV series or read the comics of the Walking dead, to play the game.
    Different characters and a different story, so I think this one is different too :3
  • The game is based upon after Borderlands 2 and its DLC.

  • yoou dont need to but you should play at least bl 2 cause that game is the shiz

  • Ill be playing the game without any prior experience with Borderlands, so I hope not. I did the same with The Wolf Among us, not knowing a thing about Fables, and that turned out great as I love that game, so I'm not too worried about it.

  • I wouldn't suggest playing the first one.The second game,yes.It's a fun roleplaying game with a cool story.

  • BL1 and BL2 are very different in tone, and BL1's story is weaker; mainly because about 75% of dialogue wasn't voiced.

    BL1 was a gritty, isolated, lonely-feeling world with elements of black comedy mixed in. The latter half of the game, when combined with the soundtrack, makes you feel very alone on what feels like an uncharted planet, at least when not playing co-op.

    BL2 on the other hand is brighter, busier, more alive, and more happy-go-lucky.

    In retrospect I actually prefer BL1's tone, but BL2 is just a better-built game altogether. I'd say that if you can find 3 friends, play BL1, but if not, don't bother. You can play BL2 solo and still have fun. But co-op generally makes the game better.

  • I tried to play borderlands 2... I got stuck on about the 10 "fight" because I had some of the worst weapons in the game, I couldn't back out so I was in an infinity loop, so I gave up on it. I didn't like it personally, each to their own.

  • I played borderlands but I payed like 0 attention to the story and can't really remember any of the characters other than clap trap and handsome jack, since I played with long gaps since I'm not really into its sort of gameplay and my friends didn't play it so i played it on my own. I have a feeling they're gonna throw in a few borderlands characters in there, but who knows. They could go like TWAU where basically all the characters are from the base material or TWD where almost none of the characters are from the base material.

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