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Theories about Lee...

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I have to say this. When Lee got bitten if you didn't cut his arm he starts having black outs and dies anyway but if you cut of his arm he doesn't have any black outs, so this means that the arm was cut in time, in the final scene Lee was very tired but he wasn't sweating of the fewer so this means he wasn't dying by the infection, maybe he was dying from blood loss, anyways in the end if you shoot him just before the shot Clementine turns the gun so that means maybe she didn't kill him or if you don't shoot him you see that he died BUT maybe he didn't die, maybe he just slept because he wasn't dying from the infection, he was tired but not dying, so there's what I think: Lee slept, got rested and survived and he could return one day, maybe not in episode 3 or 4, maybe in season 3 but we CAN'T ignore these facts what I wrote, why did Clementine turn the gun, why Lee wasn't sweating. I can't stop thinking about this theory that Lee is alive every time when I play WD or go here to this website, could someone of the creators answer only 1 thing ? Is there a possibility that I am right that Lee could return if you cut his arm and don't shoot ? What do you guys think ? I need to get an answer, this theory is killing me :P

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