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Fan Fic Preparation Thread

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First off. Many thanks to Harpadarpa and Clayton_Boylan for inspiration for this thread. They are amazing writers and definitely deserve some mentioning, and recognition.

I will make a thread similar to Harpa's. The characters will be the forum users of the Walking Dead, in a zombie apocalypse. Note that this is only a preparation thread not the actual one. It will basically set up the basis, and foundation of characters, and the story.

Here is the story thread

We have a lot of people, so new joiners will have to come later. However go ahead and make a character, you will probably come soon. Also. If your character has died, you can make a new one, but they won't come in a long time, because you have already been in it.

I will post the subjects below. To enter please reply to the comment.

  • Name: supersagig

    Age: 13

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Blunt , Pensative , Agressive , Caring , Distrustful , Depressive , quite. Likes tech stuff and reading.

    Apperance: black short heddle hair , brown eyes , 5,5 feet tall , caucasian. Wears a black t-shirt with a Hipo in it , blue shorts , white slippers.

    Something: His weapon is a knife.

    History: He never had many friends on school. He spend most of the alone , even if he didn´t want to. When the ZA started he left his family to die by a herd to safe himself. He regret of that deeply


  • If you would like to have a new character:

    NAME: Ernesto Hugo de Castro

    Personality: He is disciplined and tries to stop himself from getting angry because he has a short fuse temper. He thinks that everyone should have a life of education and knowledge rebuild the world as before. He tries to view reality as it is. Sometimes, he begins to search for simplicity by being still and calm.

    Backstory: A kind loving only child of two parents before the apocalypse. He lived in a middle class family and, when the apocalypse began, he was seperated from his parents. He started to become a Zealot in the middle of the apocolypse to search for safety not only from others, but also from himself. He was in HighSchool when it began and he always stayed in a big group (with his HighSchool classmate's and teachers) until a horde attacked his HighSchool. He escapped alone to an abandoned grain farm.

    Apperance: brown short hair, hazel eyes, 6 feet tall, caucasian. Wears a purple t-shirt with a white circle in it. Also, he has blue jeans.

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    Gustav_Kenny BANNED

    Name: Gus

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Gus comes across as arrogant, amoral, and dishonorable, but he can be friendly towards some, he has a very dark sense of humor and can be really caring.

    Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, very tall, pretty lean.

  • One question before i post a character. At whatpoint in the ZA are we (Days, Weeks, Months, Years,) just to know what type of character i should make.

  • Okay here we go

    Dennis Carnile

    Is the leader of a biker gang of six. He is highly psychotic and has fun murdering people. He can however be reasoned with and will make deals to spare people if the offer is good. He NEVER goes back on a promise.

  • Need a villain or an anti-hero? I'm in the mood for either :P

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    ComingSoon BANNED

    Hey raging, even though I have Randy could I still submit another character? I'm fine either way :P

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    ComingSoon BANNED

    NAME: Halil Tuma

    AGE: 22

    GENDER: Male

    APPEARANCE: Fairly tall, around 6'5". Middle Eastern man. Light brown chinstrap beard and buzz-cut. Wears a gray sweatshirt and black jeans. He wears a black baseball cap. He wears all this black to keep hidden when nighttime rolls around.

    PERSONALITY\BACKSTORY: He was normally a happy, go-lucky guy around his close, close friends and family before the apocalypse. However, when the outbreak happened, he was with his sister. They were camping in the woods one night, and a group of bandits snuck through and pulled her from the tent. He was held at gunpoint as his camp was raided, and his sister was dragged off, and he has never seen her since. He does not trust people anymore, except for his one friend (you pick who ;). Otherwise, he is a totally pragmatic character who only wants the best for himself and his friend.

  • CHARACTER: NAME: Orion Night AGE: 26 SEX: MALE APPEARANCE: Looks like John Wick, only younger. BACKGROUND: As a child he was sent away by his rich father. He ended up in Thailand where he was raised by a weapons and survivalist expert. For the next 18 years he trained every day on how to survive. He spent a year without the use of one of his senses (total of 4 years - sight, sound, smell, direction ) He came back to America 7 months before the outbreak. Good at reading people. Is an expert in freestyle running. ( like in Brick Mansions and District 13 ) Has been alone a long time and makes sure he doesn't allow himself to feel. Owns a silenced sniper rifle, silenced shotgun and a bladed bo staff.

  • Well I said I was gonna make a character and dammit imma stick to my word (I've been on hiatus for a long time and I'm finally back yay :D).

    Name: "Flat Top" (nobody knows his real name because he barely ever speaks)

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Quiet. Does things the way he sees fit, after going through many traumatic experiences before and after the outbreak he shows zero emotion on the outside, on the inside he is very caring and loyal, not a bad person but will do questionable things if he needs to, acts distant and only builds feelings for those who show compassion towards him, he has a soft spot for women due to his bond with his grandma (if he sees a woman in trouble he will do all in his power to save them) and if he ever gets betrayed God help the one who did it because he will hunt down the person who betrayed them and fuck that person up :D

    Appearance: Black, flat top hairstyle (obviously), buff, all he usually wears is a sleeveless shirt, jeans, and a golden watch (he keeps it for sentimental reasons), he has a full back tatoo of a dragon weaving in and out of a skull, and he has a scar running through his right eye (but his eyesight wasn't damaged)

    Back story: grew up with abusive parents and ultimately watched his father torture and slowly kill his mother in front of him. He then went to a foster home with people that didn't really care much for him because his grandparents were in the hospital. Eventually at age 12 he was bullied so much that he became angry and almost killed his bully. That lead him to Juvy until he was 17. When he got out he learned his grandpa passed away but his grandma was alive. He went to live with his grandma and grew a bond with her unlike any bond he ever experienced, until one day she also died when he was 19. The last thing she told him was "look out for yourself, but don't forget about others." She gave him a watch that belonged to his grandpa and he has never taken it off since. He still takes her words to heart to this day.

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