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Fable Movie Night, what will your plans be?

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An Introduction:

(smokes yet another Huff & Puff cigarette)

"Damn, this is such an excellent brand, want one Flycatcher?"

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to decline, Tez, I don't want to give into that sort of habit, that's your prerogative, and Bigby's."

(I shrug) "Suit yourself, Fly."

Our conversation ends abruptly, since we notice you standing there, watching us nervously as you attempt to bite the side of your lip. To hide the excitement that is building up, way down in the pit of your stomach.

"I-" (Flycatcher cuts me off)

"Welcome, sir or madam, to the Luxury Woodland apartments! Where our most-noted officials do the dirty work, the place where a lot of complaints get sent to, and is also known for its endless supply of flies!"

(clears throat) "What Flycatcher is trying to say is that we both hope your trip to New York was a safe one, especially with you being a new resident to our community and all. Come on, let me take you to the apartment."

(Flycatcher waves at you, while resuming his duties)

(you then follow posthaste, eager to see your new residence)

"Ah, here we are. The door to your new apartment, and an apartment next to Briar Roses' at that! Aren't you lucky?" (I reluctantly give you the key)

"Oh, before I forget, Flycatcher and Bufkin installed that new home theater that you wanted so much. I hope you have a great stay here at the Woodlands."

(you nod, entering the door to your apartment)

Movie Night with the Fables:

Finally being the owner of your new Woodland residence, you decide that it is best to invite some Fables over for a movie marathon, as a way to properly introduce yourself. However, you notice that there are only 4 comfy-looking chairs that came along with the theater, 1 for you and 3 other Fables of your choosing.

Who will you invite, and why? What desired film will you be watching with them? (it can be a real-life film or a made-up one)

Again, the possibilities are pretty much endless for you to go off on! :)

Horror Movie Friday Edit: (finished!)

"It's a dark and stormy night out there, Bigby. The Mundy forecast says that it's recommended for all people to say indoors. I suppose that means us Fables, including Bufkin, haha." (Flycatcher stated as he attempts to make a funny face)

"Fly, enough screwing around, your job is to make sure that everything electronic is working up to par in order for this Friday horror night to be a success."

"C'mon, Bigby, that isn't fair. I've been working my butt off earlier this afternoon, I need some 'R&R' time. Besides, what about Boy Blue, Bufkin, even that 'Tez' fellow?"

"Boy Blue and Bufkin already did their part with the decorating and the snack-preparing. And Tez, however, he couldn't make it, said he was sick."

(Bigby huffs and slowly puffs a cig)

"Tell you what, Flycatcher, I'll cut you some slack this time, as you were always a hard worker in the past."

"Thanks Bigby." (he tips his hat off to him and makes his way to the movie room)

"Now where is that Fable? They've been nowhere in sight ever since that movie night that they had a few nights ago."

(you walk into the Woodland lobby, somewhat drenched in rain as you try to dry off your umbrella)

"Ah, there you are, figured you weren't going to make it. You were the one that made this event happen, after all."

"Did you get the horror movies?"

(you show him the movies that are in your grasp)

"Perfect! How you attempted to make this all happen out of the few days that you lived here, I just cannot fathom."

"Remember, the movie showing will take place in the big room where we have our Remembrance Day celebrations, you know where that is?"

(you nod once more and you walk with Sheriff Wolf)

3 movies, your choice:

(after minutes of preparing the 3 movies to show, you ponder these thoughts inside your head while you work the kinks of the projector)

What will be the movies that you will show for tonight's 'Horror Movie Friday'? Do you think that the Fables will have an enjoyable experience with your selections?

Also note: a majority of the Fabletown community is present for this event, so make a good impression with the movies!

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