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The Butcher, Cryer and Tiny Tim [Discussion]

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There have been discussions and many theories about those 3 and I want to make a sum-up.

1) The Butcher

I have absolutely NO idea who he is. Many people say he is one of the Tweedles but I am not so sure. What I DO know is that he lives in the Woodlands. How do I know that? When you search Lily's address book at Holly's place, there is an entry saying "TB, Woodlands". TB = The Butcher. In addition, I saw his package to Aunty (is Aunty or Auntie? xD) Greenleaf. I don't know WHAT the package contained though. If you choose to go to The Tweedles of office, you can also find a package with some money it, addressed by The Butcher to the Crooked Man. If you know anything else about The Butcher or you want to express your opinion, please do at the comment section down below :)

2) Cryer (a.k.a The Boy who Cried Wolf)

There have been A LOT discussions about this guy. Apparently no one knows if he is just an overused model that TellTale Games use or an important character. I will express my opinion. I think he is an important character and I will tell you why. At first I thought he is just a rag doll or a model or something like that, that TTG uses as background random people. But I checked the facts and his appearances again, and it convinced me that he is important. The first thing that made me believe he is not just a model is the fact that he actually talks. He has just two lines but, they don't usually get actors to voice act random models. Secondly I see his name popping EVERYWHERE. I saw his name (B.C.W) at the Tweedles office. He had a package there, the package contained a mushroom? I don't know what it means though. I also saw his name in Georgie's address book. You know the one with all the girls entries and stuff. I saw his name (B.W.C.W) when Bigby was asking Nerissa who Mister Smith was. Anything you want to add, comment down below :)

3) Tiny Tim

We have seen Tiny Tim only two times in the game. And one of them was pretty important. If my friend hadn't seen that someone was in the car when Bloody Mary opened the door, I wouldn't have noticed. I replayed the chapter, to find out that it was Tiny Tim at the driver's seat. We also saw at the waiting line where Cryer and Gren were at the Business Office. So Tiny Tim works for the Crooked Man. But what I want to say about this guy is that I can (NOT SURE, MY OPINION/THEORY) connect him with the piece of fabric we found at Faith's crime scene. Only Jack and Tiny Tim wear jeans. I don't think Jack has anything to do with the crimes (I can be so wrong xD), he is just an informer/stupid guy that wants to get some money. Anyway that's what I wanted to say, please comment anything you want to share, I will see you in Episode 4 ;)

Waiting is a bitch -_-

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