• I was hoping next season will jump the story a few years ahead and we play another character from another story,and at some point meet the teenager clem and older luke who's working to recruit people for the northern settlement

  • I would like a dlc with kenny but a different character in season 3

  • A DLC for Kenny sounds like an amazing idea to me and I would definitely play it!

    For the season 3 protagonist though, this is actually pretty hard. We have a lot of characters to go with, that's for sure. But then again, Season 2 is only at episode 2 at this point (Or, 3, if we are lucky and get the third episode soon!), so basically we can't really tell yet if Kenny or Luke would make good protagonists if it comes to characteristics.

    I'd LOVE to play as Luke, honest. But I'm sure he will have a serious character change, just like Kenny had in the first season. We just can't know what's gonna happen to these characters, if Kenny or Luke will even make it 'til the end of the season and who we yet have to meet.

    My call so far: Clementine. Definitely. Maybe older, and ... maybe she'll have to take care of Rebecca's baby! And then we get to play Clem, badass as Molly and a little girl or boy she has to protect. Just like Lee did with her. Now that's something I'd like to see.

  • I wouldn't mind Playing as Kenny but I would rather a DCL of what he went through before he met up with Clem. I would Also like one more season of playing as Clem, but I know that may not be possible I would still buy the game if it was Kenny even though I am not a fan of his

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    No thanks. I do love Kenny as a character but only as an NPC. He's done some rather foolish things and his character is already grounded. Would just be weird to take control of him for a full Season.

    They could perhaps give it a go in DLC though. Since DLC does allow for more creative freedom Telltale might be able to experiment with the concept.

  • I'll only play as Kenny if it was a DLC episode. Other than that, no. Kenny's character development is way too established. It was different for Clem because hers was and is still building. I'd rather play Clem throughout the series or an entirely new cast of characters set in the same timeline . But I'd still rather play Clem throughout the series.

  • No. It would ruin the character of Kenny is I got to play as him kinda like I didn't like the idea of playing as Clementine. Personally I wouldn't be against ending the series with this season. Not saying Clementine has to die at the end of this but I wouldn't mind having a conclusive ending this season.

  • Kenny is a great character but i want to play as Clem in S3

  • I would love to play as Kenny. I think it's a great idea, and I honestly hope telltale goes ahead with it.

  • After Clem? No way. I like Kenny, but i don't wanna play in his role.

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