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All the hate?

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I get it we all wanted TWD episode 3 info but now there are people already talking about how shitty and boring this game is even though it hasn't come out yet!

Why all the hate?

EDIT: Well it's been established multiple times that TFTB won't effect TWD or TWAU, and the Gearbox community members are really awesome and chill from what I've seen so far so I still don't get the hate?

I guess it's just some people are assholes..
  • people say that telltale can't do any franchises that don't have a dark story well news flash to you noobs before the walking dead majority of telltale's games were light hearted and had some focus on humor so tales will be awesome
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    I find it funny that they seem to think all of TellTale's staff have like a four monitor set-up displaying the 4 different games, which they don't, they have groups working on each game separately... Some people...
    • Wholeheartedly agree. If you think of the source material of all the titles TT are taking on then they should be given more credit for being bold and expanding their brand. Not only are they not daunted by the task but it feels like they are gaining massive confidence in what they do. My budget right now won't stretch to keeping up with all their titles but I hope that they all fair well.
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        Telltale's titles are mostly cheap (and even then go on sale sometimes), so I wouldn't worry too much. Nowadays, Telltale's newer titles go for around $25 after a small pre-order discount ends.
        • I will probably come to pick up a couple of titles when the time is right. It's not even that they are badly priced. I think that TWAU season pass is going for like £6 on Playstation Europe right now which is crazy good but you just always have to deal with the wallet you got!
  • Just adding in order to comment that as a TTG fan I am very disappointed in they're inability to deliver their games as promised. I appreciate quality but frankly Borderlands and Game of Thrones episodes are both going to take over two months per episode despite TTG promises and I for one refuse to buy any more of TTG tiles untill after episode 5 is released.
    • Amen to that! I find that the level of enjoyment is much greater when the episodes are played without one and half months between them.
      • I've joined in conversation agreeing with people talking about there being separate teams for each license. With TWD second season and TWAS episodes coming out pretty close to each other and us knowing new titles are starting when they end, I don't see these 'delays'.

        How long do you think it takes to create a third season title, or any season?

        I don't get the delay part but actually I still kind of agree with the enjoying playing all episodes together. I got TWD season pass after 400 days was out so played them all together. TFB will be the first I've played as episodes, maybe after a few of them I will understand a litter Beyer but I still don't agree with more titles = delays.
        • was litter Beyer an auto-correct accident? Or is it an inside joke?
        • More titles might not equal delays especially if they are broadening the team. Still that was not really the part I was agreeing with. I did however agree with playing all the episodes as one and not buying anything until all of the episodes are out.

          My guess is that once the engine is done it takes about 1 year or so to create a season.
          • Sorry was still flogging that horse of titles/delays. I do wonder if I will find the seperate episode format hard to take and think you brought up a good point.

            I had been thinking about TT's episodic format. Recently Gearbox released dlc for Bl2 (HeadHunter pk5). Something went wrong with PSN Europes release (dlc was dropped last minute). Where most games only need Sony and Microsoft to approve once before updating stores TT need to do it several times a series. This must cost TT more and increase risk of delays/mistakes that they have no control over. Just thinking outloud on that but it must be a pain in the ass for TT.
            • My biggest problem with the episodic format now is that for me there is no feeling of continuity between the episodes. The gap is too big for me, problem is that games are too damn good as well. It is going to be hard to wait until all of it is released.
              • Yeah. I am always avoiding TWD season 2 board here because I am waiting for all eps to be out.

                I just don't want to be getting lots of spoilers for Tales and having to avoid these threads so will be getting each ep as they come out. TPS might be released at the same time so should have plenty new Borderlands stuff inbetween.
  • Because some Telltale fans can be really ungrateful sometimes.
  • Borderlands' universe is basically Fallout in Space and I love Fallout so I think this is a great opportunity for people. Yeah, it's a game about shooting but it's also a funny universe with lots of storytelling possibilities.
  • I'll reserve judgement until i've played at least ep1
    But will i be paying season pass for this? Nope
  • You know... I was slightly pissed at one point because I was scared that the release dates were just going to get worse... but I honestly kind of am excited for some of the games TTG will be releasing... except I don't know about GOT yet... I honestly know nothing about the show or anything to do with the story.
  • I'm kind of excited for this game. I've been thinking about getting the other two borderland's (mostly due to the art style, man I love anything cell shaded or resembling cell shading) and plot is something that I've always held up more in video games. Story is usually the only thing I pay attention to.
  • This may be a big bump, but it's interesting to see how skeptical people were about this game, but then it turned out to surpass everyone's expectations. The OP was right, it proves that Telltale almost always manages fantastic games, and this one of the best so far, IMO.

  • Lots of people were skeptical at first but this game turned out to be one of Telltale's best rated games.

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