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What's up with the community?

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As a Borderlands fan,and as a MASSIVE TellTale superfan,who's been here since thw days of Bone and Sam and Max, I just want to know what's wrong with you guys? I check one thread and I see people I've enjoyed talking to here going on about how Borderlands fans are going to fuck up the forums and spout rage on here,just because Borderlands is an FPS. I hate to say it...but I'm honestly disgusted with the way you've been acting. Are we just gonna make all the Borderlands fans think we're raging dickwads,and make ourselves look bad in the process?
  • I hopped over here from the Gearbox forums. I was surprised to see such extreme elitism here. I mean, I'm elitist too, I hate Call of Duty and I think comparing Borderlands 2 to CoD is a grade A insult (looks meaningfully at certain folks in the topic) but immediately labeling all FPS shooters in such a way just seems very wrong. We aren't such ignorant easily pleased troglodytes that the lack of shoot 'em up game play is going to scare us from this game.

    Part of what we love about the game so much is the memorable characters, the rich lore and potential for storytelling that Borderlands brings to the table. And that is what has long time Borderlands fans like me so excited, because Tell Tale has a reputation for excellent story telling, and now they're taking these characters that we've loved for so long and putting the spot light on them. This time it's not about the gun, or the explosions, or how big of a number you can make pop up over a guy's head when you shoot them. It's about the story and the characters that we Borderlands players have come to love. I'm looking forward to trying this game out, and seeing a focus on narrative over frantic gameplay.

    Again, really dislike the elitism I saw when I first came over. Borderlands is not just some open world RPG, nor is it just some CoD shooter. It takes the best of both and make something completely unique and enjoyable. Plus, you shouldn't judge the entire franchise from the first game alone, as it's admittedly the weaker of the two when it comes to gameplay and story telling.

    Really, I think there are two statements to sum up my response, one being my own, and another belonging to a certain Savage from Wam Bam island.: "I'm looking forward to what Tell Tale has to offer the world of Borderlands." and "Check your privilege."
  • Borderlands is a funny-funny setting with lots and lots of interesting oddball qualities. I'm stunned people are putting it down before they even pick it up.

    Tsk-tsk-tsk for shame.
  • It saddens me that this is the most talked about thread in this game's forum... can't we move onto the positive instead?
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Before The Walking Dead came out, it was common to see threads against the very thought of the game on the forum, like this one:

    The mood in this subforum will change once the game is out.
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    Chateau BANNED
    I think borderlands 1 and 2 are more for people who like to shoot things and loot. Of course people with no experience with those games will hate it since they aren't familiar. But the story is really good and the characters are great! I personally can't wait for it to come out this summer and can't wait for midnight releases :) I think you should give it a chance, I think everybody here should. What's the worst that could happen? We dislike it? oh poo.
  • I might play it, but, in all honesty, I don't really care for it. I'm more into TWD and TWAU.
  • People didnt even play it and already hate it. Thats so typical...
    • yeah. I hate these people, too. They think they know it all. It's like saying "pizza is bad, because it looks like somebody just threw together some ingredients and put it into an oven for half an hour."

      then they try it and suddenly love it. Pah.

      always this judging before they even tried it, typical scumbag behaviour.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    OK, this is getting out of hand, so I am closing this thread. In the future, please don't insult people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The first rule of the forum guidelines is respect.
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    Chateau BANNED
    I think it's just a fear of more trolls flooding the forums with spoilerish threads and troll threads, and spam. And from the looks of it and from the people who are here now because of Borderlands, I kinda agree with that guy in that thread that was recently closed down. I just came from another forum and I've checked this and gearbox's forums and might I say he was totally correct and I do see more trolls on that other forum and people with just plain huge ego.
    • Im here now because of Borderlands but I am not a troll nor do I intend to spam this place with nonsense. And Ive not done a single thing to come off as slightly offensive nor rude. I havent seen anything considered "trolly" from any new Borderlands fan here. The only negative thing Ive seen are comments like yours assuming we're all here to crash the party and destroy your forum.

      As Ive said before, all forums have their problems. Yours, as well as mine (GBX) arent perfect. But dont throw everyone under the bus with your generalizations.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    This is getting out of hand again, so I am closing this thread too. Don't insult people.

    Please remember that the first rule of the forum guidelines is respect.
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