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The hypocrisy in this forum is over 9000

posted by GuiltyKingOumaShu on - Viewed by 6.6K users
When people point out Clem became less likable because some of her lines are way too cold and don't fit her character, they get a shit ton of people telling them they suck and that badass clem is best Clem.

Then the achievements for episode 3 get leaked and people assume Clem gets a beating. What's the first thing people do? Go on and cry about poor little Clemmy getting hurt. And I am all like: "U wot m8?"

Now TTG (finally) blesses us with a trailer and the forum is full of Troy hate, when he has done NOTHING so far and we still know next to nothing of him. We haven't even heard him talk yet. He could have the best written backstory in the whole history of TWD and you guys already condemned him because he gave Clem a boo-boo? What would Winston say if he saw you guys. Oh right.

"Jesus, are you fucking kidding me!?"

I seriously hope some of the hardcore Clem fans never become parents, because the way they are probably going to spoil their own kid will totally lead to it becoming a COARL or worse. Sorry to say this, but I can't bear this hypocrisy anymore.

If you want Clem to be a badass, then accept the fact that she will get beat up and get shit from other character. A lot. Because badasses aren't nice and invoke the hostility of other characters. Badassery usually leads to uncomfortable situations for the badass, and a badass usually can handle those. That's what actually defines a badass. If you can't handle that, then stop worshiping badass Clem. Problem's solved.
  • I agree with most of what's said, I've never understood why people were willing to get so mad over a trailer.
    Also, consider the possibility of it being determinant, maybe Troy only prods Clem if the player chooses to run.
    We also (Again) don't know the context of the scene.
    (Before the white knights get upset, I'm not defending his actions. Merely stating we should wait before assuming Troy is a child smacker. Hell, we don't even know if this'll be in the final version (It likely will be) )
  • I agree with OP. Clementine is not just a "child." Just ask Winston what he thinks about calling her that, or Campman, or probably Carver (and Troy) after this episode... She is small and not as dangerous as a fully grown adult, but to underestimate her and act like you don't have to go all out against her is a mistake.

    OP is right about taking things in context, and in the context of what we've seen in the trailer, Clementine is probably up to some sabotage and engineering a daring escape. Those types of things are a threat to everybody in Carver's compound, and it is understandable that they would take harsh measures to ensure their safety, even if they are bad people. They are fighting to survive too, and this "little girl" is tougher than most of the adults (as Pete noted several times).

    If I was part of Carver's group and saw Clementine making a run for it, or about to get away and inflict some mischief on our "secure" haven, I'd do whatever it takes to stop her too (maybe even kill her). I get why people feel defensive for Clementine, because we love her and root for her and want her to succeed... But, I think it cheapens how clever and menacing she can be when we overreact and act like other characters can't dare treat her poorly.

    I bet Winston wishes he could go back and just shoot her instead of trying to grab her, and Campman probably regretted turning his back (and attn) away from sweet Clem. The bad people who treat her like a "kid" die. Which only goes to show that Troy might be one of the few characters so far who doesn't totally misjudge her (Carver also kept his guard up during the cabin sequence, seen if you try for the knife).
  • As I said before, I don't care if he saved homeless people before the apocalypse, Troy's an asshole for hitting a child.
  • To be fair, not everybody who supports a bad arse Clem also complains about her being hit. I don't and won't have an opinion until the episode drops.
  • lol I love how quickly everyone changes opinions!

    First there were a MILLION fuck Troy threads.

    And Now I'm seeing threads telling people to lay off Troy til we actually see the episode.

    The OP was right about Hypocrisy....
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    Ellias BANNED
    I think shaun putting clementine getting hit by troy intentional. He'd knew we would all react and that, that shit would get us gossiping and talking.

    Like seriously, who the fuck cares if we have are torches and pitch forks ready, we will see his "true good" side if he had one or w/e. This is actually good, since we have less shitty threads about poor assumptions or just useless ones.

    The forum isn't hypocritical, the forum is just idiotic.

    Side note: also please notice that the people who got their panty's all wet are the noobs rather than the people who've been here for awhile, instead of targeting the forum as a whole - target the noobs.
  • This is just human nature. If you see someone you care about get hurt you get angry and when you get angry you stop thinking rationally. Troy might prove to us that he is a decent person even after the shit we've seen him do but he might turn even worse than we expected so please - can we all just stop jumping to conclusions?
  • Don't get how that's hypocrecy. People like a character and they don't like seeing it get hurt. And, no matter how badass Clem is, she's still a kid (or pre-teen, whatever). Of course Clem can take the beating like a boss, but we don't need to be happy about this. As for her personality, I like both badass and sassy Clem, but I'll grant you that the sassiness does make her seem mean at times. Luckily, you can choose most, if not all, sassy dialogues, so there's nothing to complain about that imo.

    As for Troy, the one thing we see him do is hit a little girl, badass as she may be. Now, I don't like making a judgement based only on first impressions, but, man, that's one shitty first impression.
  • Variety is different than hypocrisy, My friend. Variety is the key element of creativity. I'm open to all kind of opinions even those that i totally 100% disagree with.
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