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The reason for the Troy hate, the reason for the ragers, and the reason for most bad things

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The reason for all this is...

This forum's excessive love for Clementine.

Seriously, I'm sick of this. Everyone cares too much for her. I mean, maybe I can understand, since she's a little girl and everyone wants to protect her. But still, think about this.

Why are there several Kenny-haters but next to no Clem-haters?

Kenny screws up, sure, but Clem does too. Clem went with a complete stranger without anybody's permission. No excuses, she knew better.

What I'm trying to say is that I don't understand all the Clem love. Think about this.

So Clem and Troy are fictional. A few pixels are animated to hit another set of pixels and your emotions are ruined. Kind of pathetic if you ask me. Heck, Troy didn't even SPEAK yet. And Clem was running away, what was Troy supposed to do? Let her escape? Troy would have gotten punished.

Guys, Clementine's not your daughter. Just a couple of pixels on a television screen. Don't cry if her pixels turn red.
  • Oh, and yes I am attached to the characters and I enjoy the game as much as everybody else (Wednesday can't come fast enough), but when someone gets hurt I don't go around creating useless hate threads. One is fine, but 50+?
    • It is most likely not the same person, and it's much easier to post something about troy's death and get likes than voice a differing opinion. Besides, I think most of the posts on the threads are supposed to be funny, and not necessarily indicative of their final choice in-game.
  • @Clementineforlife Yeah, thanks for calling me a moron.
  • Alright, maybe I was a little too hostile with my OP. but my point still stands. You can be attached to Clem, but please don't create all those threads since someone hit her once.
  • Lol, you didn't have to go about it like a dick you know.
  • Nah. I think the reason for the Troy hate is because he whacked an unarmed little girl with the butt of an AK-47. That's literally all there is to it. Hardened survivor or not, she isn't an adult, and can't be treated -- or punished -- the same as one. On top of that, we don't know anything about Troy, making him easy to hate. I know things like that are bound to happen to Clem, but still, that doesn't make it right or justified.

    I don't understand why people are defending Troy when there's literally next to nothing to defend him for. Until the episode comes out we won't know anything about his character. All that's been shown of him so far is that he's just a loyal footsolider to Carver whose only motives are that of his boss's. Hardly anything to defend, if you'd ask me. On the other side of the argument, making tons of unnecessary threads about how much you hate Troy and want to torture him is incredibly annoying. I'm sick of hearing about him.

    Clementine is the character we're all playing as, why *wouldn't* people love her or become attached to her? What would be entertaining about TTG's games if we didn't get attached to the characters? It's an amazing feat as a storyteller to get your audience attached to something fictional. It's not "pathetic" to get invested in TWD's story and characters.
  • Not what I'm saying Sayakamiki.

    It's fine to get invested in the story and characters but don't whine whenever one of your favorite characters gets hurt.
  • Why is there so many topics on Troy? Keep it to one thread, fuck sake. Yeah he hit a little girl but fuck it's a game and yes in-game you will most likely be able to kill him so just fucking wait.
  • You're a dumbass. Of course she's not our daughter, you just lack feelings. People have always cared for fictional characters, and what's wrong with us caring for this fictional character. Again, what's wrong with hating someone who hit a little girl? What's wrong with it?! There is nothing wrong with it, it's human nature to dislike someone who is committing an injustice. What makes this guy, Troy, so special?
  • Damn dislikes everywhere! Why can't we all just be friends? Oh wait, this is the internet. :3
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    RapEme BANNED
    Troy cant be that bad, he only hit her one time...
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