• - Kenny when he took the walkie-talkie (No stupid comment here, due to Kenny´s heroic behavior)
    - Carver´s Death - Stayed and watched. (Half Life 3 confirmed?)
    - Troy´s Death ("Get some balls, man")
    - Sarita´s ARMputation ("Need a hand?")

    Wow, this episode was worth the waiting.
  • My favorite and memorable moment are these:

    - Hugging Luke, it was nice seeing him again.

    - Kenny getting beaten down by Carver, I was so worried for his safety. Got me on the edge of my seat.

    - Kenny recovers from his beating and Clem hugging him

    - Having Clem watched Kenny killing Carver. I have never felt so satisfied since Todd's death from Breaking Bad.

    This episode was so good!
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    Carver's death, especially when Clem jumped on him from the top shelf, that was awesome. Clem is such a badass.
  • Ahh, so many awesome moments! This was such a great episode.

    Here are some of my favorites:
    -Clem hugging (or offering to hug) all of the people.
    -Luke returning, and not at the very end of the episode.
    -Kenny taking the blame for the walkie-talkies. It reminded me of why I liked him so much in S1. Yeah he's an asshole but he'll do anything for those he cares about and he can be very heroic.
    -Bonnie! I really didn't like her before this, but this episode made me love her.
    -Jane was pretty cool, too. She reminded me of Molly, but more believable as a character.
    -Clem jumping like a flying squirrel onto Carver.
    -Alvin's sacrifice. I thought this was a great way to send off his character. And his "take care of my girls" comment killed me.
    -Troy the dickless walker bait. xD
  • ~meet Luke again, you think his a treat and Clementine bites his finger, its really close so you can't see anything till you see Luke -- nice job animating that tell-tale

    ~Clementine jumping on Carver's back, knocking him to the floor

    ~ zombie fight: Clementine fights of a zombie with a wooden board and then having to squzze into a tight fitting place to get away from a zombie.

    ~seeing the 400 days cast, I wish we saw more of them, but they might turn up in the next episode.
  • The quote... I forget exactly how it goes, but it is when Kenny is about to bash Carver's face in, and it is a way you can chose to stay. Clementine: "I'm not going anywhere." Kenny: "It's gonna get messy." Clementine: "I know." (Angry face.)
  • Too many to list all but most favorite

    -Alvin's last stand. He went out fighting to buy time for Clem

    -The whole conversation after Kenny gets beat up and how he may have brain damage and such. Then Kenny gets up like a boss. The best part is Mike saying something like " You are fucking tough, old man" and Kenny "Thanks asshole."

    -When Luke grabs Clem. I hit Luke and it was awesome as a younger sister-older brother kind of situation.

    -Kenny getting beat up by Carver was hard and was the one moment that affected me the most,

    -Telling Kenny how Lee figured out the thing with the zombie guts to get out of the Marsh house. The feels are returning...
  • Kenny rapefacing carver with his crowbar and Carl Kenny and Sarita hook hand and holy shit its the Kenneth kenway family of pirates and shit and fuck I dunno
  • Carver's death. God, that was so cathartic.
  • Seeing all these, I don't know why people think this is "rushed". Sure it is, but just look at all these awesome moments we have in these episodes! Anyway agree? Maybe I'm just talking out of my ass, I don't know all the facts. :P
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