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Island of the Walking Dead

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Welcome Forum Survivors! My name is Gustav, I've been lurking about these forums for a while now, I decided to write a fun lil' story, about survivors landing on Kentabuko Island in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse. There will be decisions that there will be voted about. All I need from you guys is to but your name down below and put the faction that you will join.


1) Survivors: Plane crash survivors, survived the crash after the terroists messed up.

2) Terroists: The people who tried to capture a plane, unaware of the Zome Apocalypse.

3) Searchers: People sent to the island to search for plane crash survivors.

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    Gustav_Kenny BANNED

    Voting over.

    Kenneth will distract Larry, Joe and Zach.

    Cedric will... holy god.. a three way tie.. going to throw a dice.

    Finn will keep trying.

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    Gustav_Kenny BANNED


    (!) You choose to not give up.

    “No… I can’t give up…”

    Finn crawled back into the debris.

    Danielle, Sam, Sonya and Unknown Man. “Okay look, the plane debris is right over there!” Danielle said.

    “What should we do when we get over there?” Sam asked.

    “Look for survivors.” The unknown man answered.

    When they arrived at the plane debris six Zombies turned around and went after them.

    “We have to go!” Sonya ran towards the cliff and aimed her gun at the Zombies.

    Sam and the unknown man didn’t have time to react, the unknown was devoured and Sam bit in the neck.

    “Sam? Are you alright?” Danielle asked.

    “Yeah, yeah… I’m… fine…” Sam answered.

    Sonya, Danielle and Sam started shooting the Zombies, when they were done they walked over to the unknown man’s remains.

    “Eww.. That’s gross.” Sonya said.

    A man came crawling out of the plane debris.

    “Hello?... Anybody there?” He asked.

    “Hi, who are you?” Sam asked.

    “My name is Finn, who are you?” Finn asked.

    “I’m Sonya, that there is Sam and Danielle.” Sonya answered his question.

    “Sonya? Do you have a boyfriend named Nick?” Finn asked.

    “Yeah, is he dead?” Sonya asked.

    “No idea, haven’t seen him in a while.” Finn could see the happiness on Sonya’s face.” “Thank god, he isn’t dead then.” Sonya was very happy.

    “Hey… Sonya, I’m not feeling too well.. It might be the bite.” Sam was looking dizzy.

    1. Put same down

    2. Leave Sam.

    3. Take Sam with you.

    Cedric, Devyn and Rambo. “What do we do with him?” Devyn asked.

    “Yeah, Cedric, what are you going to do with me? You don’t have the guts to kill me.” Rambo was smiling.

    “We tie him up, leave him for the Zombies to come by.” Cedric answered.

    Rambo wasn’t smiling anymore.

    Cedric took some rope and tied Rambo up, then he tied him to a tree.

    “Have fun, asshole.” This time, Cedric was smiling. “We should find the other, Cedric.” Devyn wanted to leave.

    Cedric and Devyn walked away, leaving Rambo to his fate.

    “Elias… Good job playing dead..” Rambo looked at Elias.

    “I know, mate.” Elias got up and walked over to Rambo.

    “Untie me, please.” Rambo was smiling.

    Elias was trying to untie Rambo, but couldn’t figure it out. Zombies came and Elias tried to run away, but he tripped and the Zombies devoured him, not noticing Rambo, leaving him to untie himself.

    Nick, Pete, Puncake, Carson, Cat and Étienne. “Okay, we just have to do something” Nick was scared.

    BANG! Cat was shot in the head.

    “What the what?” Puncake was also scared.

    Cough Hello, again. Cough” Rambo said.

    “Don’t kill is.” Pete pleaded.

    “A Zombie bit me.” Rambo said

    Rambo walked over to Pete and punched him in the face, then he drew his gun and shot Carson.

    “Pete, you’re the reason I’m doing this, remember?” Rambo said.

    “Whaa? I? What?” Pete was surprised.

    “If you don’t admit it I’ll kill your nephew.” Rambo said.

    “Fine. I’m the reason that you’re doing this.” Pete said.

    “Great.” Rambo shot Pete in the head.

    “Please let the rest of us go.” Étienne pleaded.

    “Fine, meh.” Rambo said.

    Étienne, Nick and Puncake ran away as BANG!

    Kenneth, Kai and the attackers. “I have to distract them.” Kenneth thought to himself.

    Kenneth got up, trying to distract them, instead he accidentally shot Larry in the head.

    Joe quickly executed Kai and Zach ran in and tackled Kenneth.

    “Oh, look at ya, poor guy, eh?” Zach was smiling.

    Kenneth punched Zach in the face, took his M16 and ran away.

    A Zombie came from behind and Joe didn’t notice, the Zombies devoured Joe and Zach ran away.

    Sorry about the lack of votes, trying to end this off, wanna work on a new and BETTER project.

    Also this will end when there's only one faction left.

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    Gustav_Kenny BANNED

    Fifth and final episode released:

    Finn, Sonya, Danielle and Sam. “Sam, we have to put you down.” Sonya almost cried.

    “I know, Sonya, I know.” Sam started crying.

    “Who.. Who should do it?” Danielle cried too.

    “I’ll do it.” Finn said, as the only one not crying.

    Finn drew his gun, raised it and aimed at Sam.


    Danielle fell to the the ground.

    “What the what?” Finn was surprised.

    The group turned around to see Zach right behind them.

    “Hello, who are you? Hahahah.” Zach was smiling, an evil smile.

    “Zach? My childhood friend?” Finn was very surprised.

    “Finn? Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Zach almost started crying. Finn walked over to Zach and hugged him.


    Finn fell to the ground, bleeding from the brain.

    “Who’s next?” Zach was now grinning.

    “Sam, she’s bitten.” Sonya looked to the ground.

    Suddenly Sam charged at Zach and bit and ripped out his jugular.

    “Rrggrg.. Gerrgghhh..” Zach was trying to speak.

    Zach rose his gun and shot Sam in the head.

    “Rgggrhghk..” Was Zach’s last words as he bled out.

    Puncake, Nick and Étienne. The group walked through the forest as Zombies started coming from the woods and surrounding them.

    “Shit, shit, shit.” Nick was scared.

    “Oh god, oh man, oh god.” Puncake fell over a stump. “We fight ‘em back.” Étienne was focused.


    Puncake fell to the ground, dead.

    Étienne fell to the ground, shot through the chest, but not dead.

    Nick fell to the ground, shot in shoulder.

    Étienne and Nick got up again.

    “Nick, run, I’ll hold them back.” Étienne wanted to sacrificed himself.

    “Okay, okay.” Nick was very nervous.

    Étienne ran right into the Zombies, letting them devour him.

    Nick ran away.

    “Ouch!” Nick ran right into Cedric.

    “Hey stupid.” Cedric aimed his gun at Nick. “Where’s Devyn?” Nick asked.

    “Who cares?” Cedric looked at Cedric.


    Sonya ran over and hugged Nick.

    “Oh, Nick, you’re alright.” Sonya cried.

    “Hey honey.” Nick smiled.


    Sonya fell dead into Nick’s arms.

    Nick charged at Cedric, kicking him in the face multiple times.

    “That’s.. all you’ve got?” Cedric was grinning.

    “Fuck you. Fuck you so very much.” Nick looked down at Cedric before doing the final kick to his face.

    Nick walked in the forest as suddenly a military helicopter arrived, it threw down a ladder. “Welcome, you’ve been rescued.” One of the military privates said to Nick.

    “Thanks.” Nick smiled.

    The Helicopter flew away into the sunset.


    Okay, so now I’m going to make a list of people.


    Chris, got pummeled by Zach, no shot to the brain.

    Shane, got shot in the chest with an arrow by Cedric.

    John Kozlov, shot by Larry, no shot to the head.

    Brooklyn, jumped in front of Puncake and got hit in the chest.

    Richard, shot in the chest by Armin, then bled out.

    Armin, shot in the heart by Richard.

    Unknown man, devoured by Zombies.

    Elias, devoured by Zombies.

    Joe, devoured by Zombies.

    Rambo, bit, then turned.

    Zach, his jugular was bit and ripped out.

    Étienne, sacrificed himself for Nick.


    John, bled out, then shot in the head by Cedric.

    Flame, shot in the head by Cedric.

    Daniel, skull smashed by Rambo.

    James, shot by Rambo.

    Lea, shot by Rambo.

    Devin, shot by Rambo.

    Clover, shot by Rambo.

    Austin, shot by Rambo.

    Steve, shot by Devyn.

    Inori, shot by Cedric.

    Cat, shot by Rambo.

    Carson, shot by Rambo.

    Peter, shot by Rambo.

    Kai, shot by Joe.

    Danielle, shot by Zach.

    Finn, betrayed by Zach.

    Sam, shot by Zach.

    Puncake, shot by Cedric.

    Sonya, shot by Cedric.


    Kenneth, hasn’t been seen since running away from Zach.

    Devyn, wasn’t with Cedric when Nick ran into him.

    Cedric, might have died by being kicked to the face, only Cedric himself knows.


    Nick, lived happily ever… Wait, no no no, that doesn’t happen, he is still trying to survive.

    Thanks for reading my stupid shit.

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    Gustav_Kenny BANNED

    Do you guys want an epilogue? Like a short recap of all deaths? And maybe the fates of the unknowns?

  • lame wish my character had a bigger part and wasn't killed by that loser zach

    still a good story

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    Gustav_Kenny BANNED

    The Epilogue

    You walked down the forest path, gun in your hand, backpack on the back, been some months since shit hit the fan.

    “Heh, maybe there’ll be people out here, you never know.” Quill smiled a little.

    “Hopefully.” You smiled.

    “Can’t believe I could’ve been safe, but the military crashed right after saving me months ago.” Nick said.

    “Yeah, all of the people who must’ve died here.” Quill said.

    “I saw a lot of people die… We crashed in a plane, zombies everywhere, lots of people died, and I could’ve done more.” Nick said.








    A group of four were surrounded by walkers. A woman and three men, the woman had a handgun, one of the men a shotgun, the second an AK-47 and the last a M16.

    You grabbed your machete, “We have to help!”

    “Are you sure about this, Lance?” Quill asked.

    “Don’t fuck with Tiny Carlos sure.” You answered.

    Quill drew his Colt Python.

    Nick drew his MP5A2.

    You quickly took down three walkers.

    “Hey! We’re going to clear you a path!” Quill shouted while shooting a walker.




    POW! POW! POW!



    One of the members of the group that was surrounded made a run for it, she shoved a walker away and made it.

    She walked over to Nick, “Nick?!?”

    Nick’s eyes widened, “Devyn!?!”

    “GAARGHH!!!” One of the men shouted, it was the one with the shotgun, a walker bit him in the shoulder, then it dragged him down.

    “Douce! No!” The man with the AK-47 shouted.

    The man with the handgun tried to make a run for it, but a walker grabbed his leg and he accidentally fired a shot that hit Quill in the chest.

    Quill gasped, he put his hand on the gun wound, he then fell down.

    “Kenneth!” Devyn shouted.

    “Quill..” You said while taking down a walker.

    “Get out from the herd!” Nick shouted.

    “No! I can’t!” He shouted.

    “Marco! Please!” Devyn shouted.

    But before you knew it you couldn’t see Marco anymore.

    “He’s gone.” You said.

    “Any place we can stay?” Nick asked.

    “There’s a shed not far from here.” Devyn answered.

    “We’re going.” You said.

    “Follow me.” Devyn said.

    You followed Devyn as you started walking towards the shed.

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