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What you want to see in episode 4.

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I want to see

Hub areas
Clementine hugging Sarah if you asked if she wanted a hug in E3
Clarification or Clues of Christa
Getting to know Jane better
Lonnie (Luke+Bonnie)
Clem without her hat
Rebecca's baby
Kenny's new eye
Flashbacks of Lee (the feels)
Christa helping to deliver the baby
Lee/Omid reference in museum
400 days characters returning depending on who went and stayed

Write down what you want to see in E4 and I'll probably add them on!
  • I don't know why, but I would like to see Clem laugh like a maniac after rubbing the blood on her face.

  • Kenny or Luke convincing Clementine that Lee's death was not her fault

  • I don't really agree with Lonnie, but I guess anything is better than Cluke.

  • Shawn lifting with his back.

    Molly coming to pick up Clem and Molly 2 (Jane) in a helicopter flying around southern USA ringing all the bells.


    Clem eating the last Klondike Bar.

  • I would really like to see more bonding moments between Kenny and Mike, as well as Kenny and Nick.

    I would like to see the group pull together and successfully birth the baby.

    I would like to see more badass Kenny moments. I know he is bound to die this season, but it isn't his time yet.

    I would also like to see more hub areas like in season 1, where we can take our time to talk to each character.

  • So you want to create The Walking Cliché?

  • I wanna see more action as in I want to have Clem do more. In this past episode it just did not feel like she had much to do....i was more watching than doing.

    I dont want Kenny to die....

    i want to see what happened to Christa and THEN have her die cause she annoys me

    I want ot see more about the characters in 400 days...not just cameos

    i want them to go back to another city or some other dangerous situation

    more survival, having to go through places to find stuff....kinda like season 1

    less "politics" and people bickering and arguing and power plays...the real walking dead (the tv show) alredy wasted way too much time on the governor zyclops there and psychos...i want more apocalyose survival stuff, like they did in season one with the dairy farm and being hungry or having to find shelter from a herd...

  • Nick to have more lines even though he was a determinant character, Ben had lots of lines as well and he was determinant.

  • -Still holding out for more time to be able to interact with each character outside of the action, so yeah, put me down for hub areas. We were still trying trying to learn more about Sarita and the cabin group, but now we have Mike and Jane to try to get to know.

    -Sarah (and Christa's) triumphant return.

    -A little more crossover with the 400 Days characters would be nice. Hopefully something that lasts longer than episode 3's cameos.

  • Mostly I'd like to see some effect of Carver's assault on Kenny, as in, there was actually some brain damage and Kenny doesn't seem to remember what happened to either Katjaa or Duck (long-term memories). So, as Clem, you'd have to decide whether or not to remind him and judge if telling him will somehow reduce his ability to fight by making him slip back into whatever despair he was in before meeting Sarita, or not saying anything and so he can move on in a twisted sort of way. Later, if you don't say anything, he might remember and make some comparisons of Clem's actions to Carver's rationale, which would be very interesting.

    Otherwise, I have no real idea where this story is going to end, and I really like it that way, so something else could be just as good, or better.

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