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Religion in the walking dead(Spoilers)

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Ok so i am possibly dabbling in a very sensitive issue here but...lets talk Religion in TWDG;
(i wont mark the post as containing spoilers for the sake of people who want to come back and discuss this matter)

Let me start off by why i decided to make this thread:
1)In S01E02 Ben explains to the group that no matter how you die if the brain isn't destroyed you will turn into a walker,one of the choices you have to say is something along the lines of "God help us"
2)Clementine in S02E02 Thanks 'God' for finding the Can of beans.
3)As we draw closer to the ending of EP.1(S2) Pete says:"Jesus marry and Joseph"

My question is:
How can the character we interact with(and play as) still believe in God after everything that has happened?

To be honest i was kind of suprised that Clementine even said the word "God"

Before you post(if you even will) remember that i am not here to support or bash religion,i actually found this to be an interesting topic to Discuss...

What do you guys think?
  • Well, in all major religions, god is not directly intervening in the course of this world, mostly only indirectly influencing things.
    Also, phrases like "thanks god" are things we learn to say in certain situations, not to show our believe in god and you'd be an idiot if you tried to avoid them just because you are an atheist (makes you a fedora atheist).
  • None of the examples you give in the original post are truly religious acts. Just because somebody says "Oh My God" or "Thank God" or whatever doesn't mean they actually strongly believe in God or follow any organized religion. It is just something people say and most don't mean absolutely's why the really strict Christians get all bent out of shape over blasphemy whilst the majority of us don't even notice it in typical many of us are just used to that being a phrase people say.
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    goodcop2 BANNED
    Well, you can consider Kenny and Lee a god
  • Kenny claims to be a Christian.
    How strong his faith is in God, is debatable.
    Herschel on the tv show, just for example, was a Christian and continued to believe in God right to the end.

    Religion is a sensitive issue, yes.
    But then again, so is murder, stealing, etc.

    I think that religion can be brought in to the game, but as a side note, and not as a main part of the story.
    Like it has been done on the show.
  • I agree with what some people have said, saying things like 'God' and 'Jesus' doesn't necessarily mean that the person actively believes in God.

    And I know I'll probably be bashed for this, but I just wanted to give a bit more of an opinion on how one could believe in God or their religion if something like this happened.

    Me personally, I would still believe in God. I would always be asking why, of course, I wouldn't understand some of the things that happened, like so many other things in life, but in the end you can fume on it and let it bring you down, or you can move forward and keep on going.

    I won't try and impose my views on anyone, its just my opinion that yes, I would still believe in God, even if bad things happen. Besides, most bad things that happen in my opinion come from the actions of man, not from God. Hence why we have free will. It would be a boring life if we didn't have the liberty to choose what we do, and if we believe in a Divine Being.

    Again, I'll probably be bashed for my opinion, but I still stand by my views.
    • The closest thing we get to an actual discussion about religion in the zombie apocalypse is in 400 days when Leland is arguing with Dee. He chastises her about taking the Lord's name in vain and she remarks that she can't believe he's still religious given everything that's happened. He replies "My faith ain't something I wear like a fuckin' sweater. I don't just take it off when it gets uncomfortable." I'm not religious myself, but I have to admit, that was a good line.
      • I'm glad to see people can be civilized about this sort of thing. All too often I feel like the slightest mention of God makes everyone start clawing each others throats out.
      • I agree with Leland's statement.
        If claim to believe in God, than your actions need to be in harmony with your statement, even when it's difficult.
        Otherwise it's hypocritical.
        And Dee was frankly wrong to question Leland's faith.

        On a personal note.
        One thing I don't like are, people who don't back their words up with action, and those who's actions are not consistent with their words.
      • Agreed. You can't help but respect a man who sticks with his beliefs even after the entire world's gone right down the toilet, and not in a hysterical "I'm denying the state of things around me" way either.
    • I agree.
      I to would continue to believe in God.
      And I also believe that a lot of the bad things that happen in the world are due to man's greed and stupidity, and not because it's part of God's plan, or cause God is vindictive and vengeful.
  • As I said, "Oh my God." Some dude told me that I was disrespecting their religion. I'm an athiest and using the word 'God' in an expression doesnt mean I am making fun of 'him'. Some christians are sensitive as fuck and I do not know whether or not, I would go into the religion topic.
  • Well Robert Kirkman is an atheist, so he didn't make a big deal of religion in the comic books. I presume the game designers tried to keep to the general idea of his world and didn't include much about religion as well.
  • I think people like Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Pete and Ben do believe in God but they keep it to themselves, they're not mad about it.

  • If Kenny is Christian, then Kenny should have not stolen the food from the stranger's car or killed Larry. About Larry, Kenny could have tied Larry down to prevent Larry from killing anyone.

  • Carley was mentioned to be raised Lutheran but I can't find that dialog anywhere in that game to see if that was true.

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