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---- and why he can't die.

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Alot of people have been speculating Luke is gonna be out in episode four, but I feel he's going to be around awhile. Why? Well... Luke is voiced by Scott Porter, TV actor. Porter is probably the most valuble VA ever in Telltale Games ( Net worth ), and Telltale has been trying to use big names, Michael Madsen ( Carver ) was killled off because he was an antagonist, big difference. Also, Luke is cute, he luers in fangirls from every direction. He's a fan favorite, Luke is probably in my top favorites being at #2 ( After Kenny ). He's the only one who doesn't cause shit, ( Well he does, it just doesn't affect Clem as much ad it does to the others ). Alot of care went into creating Luke, I don't think his story is over yet. That's honeslty why I think Luke is going to survive.
  • A lot of care went into creating Luke's character so I can see him surviving to the end of the season. Whether he'll survive past the second season is the question.
  • I remember that people used to say that Omid and Christa also can't die because they survived season 1 so they're probably important characters. Omid died during beginning of episode 1 and Christa is missing so... It's good that you can say "I hope that Luke won't die" but saying "Luke can't die" is just foolish because no one is safe in the world of The Walking Dead. Even Kenny could end up dead... even Clementine. I doubt that it'll happen during season 2 but still it's a possibility.
  • Meh, this is a bad argument. Big names equals big pay checks.

    I'm not saying they'll kill him off, just saying that who the actor is probably won't have anything to do with when he dies.
  • "Porter is probably the most valuable VA in telltale games ever". Really? It's Michael Madsen. They can't even be compared. And IMO Luke Porter is a pretty weak VA. I don't really know if he is a good actor - don't live in the USA and never heard of that guy.
  • I think the main thing keeping Luke from dying in Episode Four is he has opposing ideas to Kenny, and TTG has always been about this option, or the opposite one. Also, he's pretty much the leader of the new group, so I highly doubt he's going to die just yet.
  • I think Luke could be a good future lead protagonist depending on how this season sets his character arc up. I'm hoping the season signs off by revealing some tangible tidbit from his background which serves as a question mark to his future in the series.
  • The thing that makes Telltale games awesome is that no one is safe. They make you love a character and then kill'em off. Prime example: Lee.
  • Luke is going to survive and so is Kenny because pizza and ice cream

    at least 'til ep5
  • I agree. I really doubt he'll die anytime soon, for the same reason I really doubted he was dead at the end of ep 2: It wouldn't be a traumatic enough send off for him. See, More than any other current character (except Clem and Kenny), Luke has the potential to be truly loved by the players. But most people don't love him YET. Most people just like him. If Luke were to die at this point, his death wouldn't stay with you the way Lee's did. It's been a year and a half since Lee died and I still miss him. If Luke died right now, I'd be pretty devastated for a bit, but a year and a half from now, I'd definitely be over it. However, I can definitely see myself mourning Luke for years if we get to know and love him before he dies. I can't see myself doing that for anyone else besides Clem (and maybe Kenny). I contend that Telltale won't kill off Luke until it'd have that "I'll never get over this loss" kind of devastation for the players. If they kill him before then, they'd be wasting a profound opportunity to make us cry, and I think they know that.

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