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Details that people might forget, don't notice or just don't know about

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So as you know a lot of content in TWD can be completely missed, overlooked or just forgotten.

Here are a two examples:

Something you might not know: If you chose to do nothing while Kenny is being beaten is episode 3, Sarita will break free of Carlos' grip and she'll be hit in the face instead of Clementine.

Something you might have forgotten: Ben was the one who gave Clementine stickers for her walkie-talkie.

Do you know any?
  • There's an unused soundtrack that was supposed to be used for No Going Back's episode slide. But instead we get a crappy wind blowing ambiance.

  • So after doing some snooping around, I came across this rather interesting post

    Basically, someone managed to figure out how Kenny's choice to come with you or not at the end of episode 4 is determined, from a technical standpoint. They more or less managed to figure out the system that the game uses to determine the outcome.

    Here's a translation, along with some formatting:

    I figured out which choices affect Kenny's decision in the final chapter of Ep4. He is using some kind of "point" system, weird thing is, is that the game ONLY takes these choices into account, so Kenny doesn't care if you let his family starve or if you disagree with his plans.

    Episode 1

    • Save Duck = 2 points

    • Side with Kenny over Larry = 1.5 points

    Episode 2

    • Don't pick Lilly's side = 0.75 points

    • Help kill Larry = 1.5 points

    Episode 3

    • Don't shoot the girl on the street = 0.75 points

    • Don't pick Lilly's side. = 0.75 points

    • Shoot Duck = 2 points

    Episode 4

    • Kill the zombie boy = 0.75 points

    • Drop Ben = 2 points

    If you get 9 or higher, Kenny will come with you no matter what.

    If you get higher than 4 but less than 9, you'll have to convince Kenny to come with you.

    If you get 4 or less, Kenny won't come with you.

    So with all the math from above, a few things can be deduced:

    • There are five major decisions that factor into his decision: Saving Duck, Siding with Kenny, Killing Larry, Shooting Duck, and Dropping Ben.

    • In order to get 9 points, the best possible outcome, you will need to either kill Larry or drop Ben. Ergo, at least one of them always has to die in order for you to get the best possible outcome, as there is no other way to reach 9 points if you help both of them.

    Being someone that has always been interested in how this choice worked from a technical standpoint, I find this to be pretty goddamn interesting, to say the least. I had my own theories and ideas about what choices factored into this moment, but it looks like I've been proven wrong.

    I am also quite surprised that feeding Duck isn't one of the choices that factors into the final outcome. You'd think that it would be, all things considered.

    Also from that thread (and another related one), someone managed to extract the full model of Clementine's house:

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text

    This also piques my interest: if someone's able to extract this from the files, does that mean that extracting other environments/maps are possible? I'd absolutely love to see the full versions of the game's environments and maps, just because I find things like that to be incredibly interesting. And I'd just love to see the full detail of what they've done overall.

    • Yeah it is possible to extract maps (No textures because the original textures consist of Blue and White)

      This is the Cabin Living Room

      Alt text

      Next time on the Walking Dead Lodge, when Clementine says "i thought you were dead"

      Alt text

      • How do you do this

        I want to go have a field day

        • Spoiler because its a medium sized post

    • It'd be really cool if someone could extract the Marsh House room to see if we can see what's behind that door that's clickable but we can't go in.

    • There was a user on here by the name of @Gunab who, if I'm correct, made an engine that was able to render extracted game files. He made many custom screen caps and scenarios with the game files. From what I remember, he became really busy and hasn't been on the forums in almost a year. Those of us who were her during Season 2 probably remember him and his post.

  • here is a detail the developers missed, in neither season do they give you enough save slots to save all the endings, I don't understand why my five hundred gig hard drive suddenly only has four save slots WTF

  • and there should be an option to watch the game with your choices from a save slot, watch it like an actual episode so you could sit back and relax and see how your choices played out

  • Now that I'm able to do this, here's a full overview of the frozen river/lake from NGB, straight from the game files (recolored and with some of the bush/foliage removed so you can actually tell what's going on):

    Alt text

    For the sake of comparison, here's the original scene:

    Alt text

    And here's the bare-bones version of it:

    Alt text

    And finally, here's a picture of Luke having an accident, because one of my friends wanted me to:

    Alt text

    • So walking around the river and towards the narrow frozen streams was still an option, and yet everyone decided to walk through the largest portion of the river instead that ends up getting Luke killed.

      Alt text

    • [Telltale writing Luke's death]


      Alt text


      Alt text

      This picture speaks to me on so many levels, I'm getting it framed. XD

      And I'm so glad you finally confirmed it's a lake >.> a very, very long lake.

  • Alt text

    Mike's unused hood from In Harms Way

    • You know, I just thought about this. What if Eddie in the Amid The Ruins slide was actually meant to represent Mike?

      Think about it. Both having hoods, similar looking faces...

      • I think it would repesent Mike if his hood was kept in the final version and Eddie was darker in the image

      • I doubt it. Mike was supposed to be one of the bandits with Christa. Could just be a scrapped model from that.

        • Alt text

          Please excuse the green eyes but my theory is they could be brothers, because Ralph is bigger than Mike and he is shaved (could be explained because of the constant time jumps)

          Both characters aren't higher or lower in the shot and both characters use the same size but yet Ralph face is bigger than Mike's face

          • Most likely what happened is that originally there was only a single model. When they eventually decided to axe Mike's backstory and make him into two separate people, they just modified and re-purposed the original model, instead of making an entirely new one. Hence them both looking the same: Ralph/Mike is a slightly modified model of Mike/Ralph.

  • I was just doing a playthrough of Around Every Corner, and just found yet another line I've never heard before.

    So, depending on your relationship with Kenny, and if you told him about your past, it can change a specific line he says

    When you first get to River Street, Kenny goes over to the one boat and says it might still be salvageable. Responding with "This boat is fucked" normally results in Kenny being all like "Oh, know a lot about boats? Tell you what, I ever need an expert opinion on American History, I'll be sure to ask. But for now, leave the nautical shit to me"

    If you have a bad relationship with him, and tell him about your past, the line changes to "Tell you what, I ever need an expert opinion on American History- or committing murders- I'll be sure to ask."

    Also, here's the stranger calling you out for killing Ben in episode 4:

    you better feel bad, you absolute MONSTER



  • Has anyone ever been moderately curious as to what the inside of that building in No Time Left looks like? The one Christa falls into/Kenny sacrifices himself in?

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Alt text

    It's just a giant, empty office building pretty much. But still interesting, right?


  • Unfinished House second floor

    Alt text

    Gil pitstop Bathroom without door

    Alt text

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