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The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Speculation/Suggestion Thread

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Do you think telltalegames should make season 2 of the wolf among us?
  • Wow a lot of threads just got merged.

    I don't know if that's good or not.

  • I would just like to say that the fact that they still have the discussion page up gives me hope that they at least have plans for a DLC. I sincerely hope that is the case.

  • Yes. I´d love to play second season. The whole project is too good to just abandon it. I hope there will be second season or at least some DLC if nothing else.

  • Yes because they way it ended on episode five. There's got to be a season 2. I'm sure everyone chose to go after Nerissa(Fiath). I was like "what the fuck. Are you kidding me". It's an amazing episode and there has to be a season 2. If there is. I'm SOO looking forward playing season 2 of the wolf among us.

  • I'd like a S2, but I don't want to be Bigby again. Or even Snow. It'd be a little boring to do the same thing over again, when the Fables universe is so vast.

    It'd be fun to play as Blue and have the story about Blue, Pinocchio, and Fly. Maybe during the early 90s(oh, imagine the horrible ugly colorful jackets--), figuring out some mystery of their own or something. We could tie the Farm into it and it could be about how the animals first began to rebel before the comics.

    • Even though, I love to see more characters out of FABLES, I'd want it to be Bigby as the playable character. In my opinion, he fits the best option for PC for the noir spin Telltale seems to be aiming for on this franchise.

      A DLC which explores through different Fables from the comics would be sweet though.

      • I would like a Cinderella season :P

      • I don't know. It'd be really boring to go through the same thing again, it'd be best to get a breath of fresh air and be different characters. Especially if they want it to be about the Farm, which I wouldn't be surprised about since it's talked about so much in the game. But you can only play 'rogue cop' so much before it falls flat. Especially because that's not what Fables is about, anyway.

        • This. And I like your username, dude.

        • Yeah, its certainly isn't what FABLES is about, but it is what Wolf Among Us about. The game may be canon to the comics but its can have a different genre, so the "rogue cop" aspect is fine, plus it fits well with the noir spin Telltale seems to have made on Fabletown. I'd certainly like to see more Fables, but for the playable character I'd rather have them keep it Bigby.

          It'd wouldn't be that bad if they did more than one playable character, that way we get to visit the Farm and be the "rogue cop" and do other stuff that other Fables couldn't.

          • There's only been one season, you can't say 'this is what it's about' just based on one story arc. By the same logic, you could have tried to argue in S1 of Walking Dead, 'The Walking Dead is all about saving Clementine and keeping her safe!!' Sure, S1 is. But S2 isn't. TWAU is just about Fables before Fables began. It wouldn't be a surprise to have Blue & co become important, given that Blue's the one that takes Snow's old place as assistant. There could be a cop thing, but considering the problem with the main villains is gone, I doubt we'd have Bigby beating the shit out of people again. Things are supposed to be turning up for Fabletown by the end; there's no reason why S2 would be about the same problem when the problem was fixed.

            • For the most part, I agree with you. I do not want S2 to be a carbon copy of S1 just without a minor change in the story. S2 doesn't have to be a murder at all, and it shouldn't be. FABLES is a wide world and Telltale should take advantage of that for a S2, but at the same time they shouldn't take away the stuff from the Wolf Among Us that made it popular in the first place, such as having Bigby be the playable character and giving him the options to be ruthless or not. They need to find common ground for the noir Telltale-based Fabletown and open-variety version of Fabletown from the comics if they are to make a S2.

              Also, I never said I wouldn't want to see Boy Blue and co. in a potential s2. It would make perfect sense to have them in since it fits well with the storyline.

            • I agree with a lot of what you've said. Season 2 cannot become a carbon copy of Season 1. But I still wish to play as Bigby in Season 2 (and future seasons), because he's been my favourite character since the beginning (But I have no problems seeing Boy Blue and other characters in Season 2).

              Also, I think if they decide to change the main character they'd seriously need to change the title "The Wolf Among US" because that title was made to fit Bigby.

              I think other characters (especially characters on Farm where Bigby can't go) as playable characters may be able to be explored in DLCs (like 400 days for TWD)? That is if they do decide to make one.

              • Definitely, I still would love to play as Bigby because he is the best character in the game and I would love to see more of his big wolf form in action!! I also think it would be an even better season if it introduced more fables from the farm.

                • The trouble with the Farm is, Bigby can't go there. I guess they can go Mr. Toad, or Colin the Pig route again (maybe if you sent Colin to the farm in Season 1, he may return in Season 2, since he escapes several times from the farm).

                  Otherwise with new farm characters either Weyland Smith (Since he can pass off as being human) or another animal fable like Mr, Toad I guess...

                  Episode 5 was the shortest episode throughout the whole Season 1, but it's my favourite because it has the Big Bad Wolf form transformation (since we've already had the full werewolf in Episode 3, I was only moderately excited for that, but the Big Bad Wolf transformation, that sends chills down my spine whenever I play it, and I love it).

                  Playing as Bigby gives us the feeling I am Bigby Wolf and that's great, but after transformation, if gives us the feeling "I am the Big Bad Wolf, and noone can mess with me!" and that's the thing I love about Bigby's transformations.

            • It's obvious that we all don't want the game's continuation to be a carbon copy of Season 1, but leave that to the team at Telltale to deal with. They didn't disappoint with any of the episodes from Season 1, and they're definitely not going to disappoint with Season 2. After this amazing Season 1 experience, all my faith and trust lies in the team to deliver big time with Season 2.

              As for wanting to change protagonists, the game is literally called "The WOLF Among Us", Not "The Blue Among Us". Bigby is an excellent character to play as and changing from him to a different protagonist would be so wrong. There's so much more that we possibly didn't even realize while playing until the end, things that tied together just at the last moment.. Think of how many more things could be hidden in Season 1 that will be revealed in Season 2. There's so much deception with this game, so many choices to make and consequences to be had. Starting from square one as a different protagonist would be throwing away all of what happened. All the consequence that follows our previous choices, the character development between all the fables, the relationships we created with Bigby and the other fables. Leaving all the choices behind that we had made in Season 1 would be an incredible waste of potential for a continued Bigby story in Season 2.

              With the huge cliffhanger at the end leaving all our minds spinning and wanting more, Bigby's story must be continued in Season 2 of "The WOLF Among Us". Of course though, we all want to see the game improve! Returning characters along with newer ones, new ideas and new game play elements would definitely be a step in the right direction!

              IF YOU'RE READING THIS TELLTALE, PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER SEASON. This game is actually so god damn amazing, I will literally throw all my money at you to keep making more seasons and episodes!

  • It would be cool if TellTale made a dlc based on Werewolves of the heart land ;3

  • I think it's still going to be Bigby in the second season. Reason why is because the way it ended at episode 5. I chose to go after Narresa(faith) at the end. I want to see what happen next.

  • They certainly should, it's an amazing game. It has one big flow, though, the same one as The Walking Dead: There is no possibility to change the keyboard configuration, this is a big problem for azerty-keyboard users like myself. I hope this problem will not be the case with the possible sequel, because then I will not buy it, however great it may be...

  • Yes!!!!! Season 1 was amazing and I think that if they continue the story it would be spectacular like the first one! I love Bigby Wolf and I think that if the next season is about Bigbys past and family that would be really interesting. Or it could be about all of fable town against the Adversary who made the fables flee from the homelands, then we could see Bigby kick ass and win!! Or it could be about more crimes in fable town and the relationship between Snow and Bigby, but that would be as interesting. I just want to see the adventures and challenges Bigby faces!

  • I think that S2 should begin immediately after S1 so that we finally know whether Narissa was Faith or that Faith was Narissa. God this is eating me alive

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