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What do you think would have happened if Kenny didnt take the blame for the stealing?

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do you think the same thing would have happened?
  • As strange as it sounds, I think Carver respected Clem too much to give her the same beating Kenny got. I think he might slap her but we know he believes in an eye for an eye so he'd most likely "steal" something from Clem (Kenny or Luke's life most likely)
  • Carver would have probably lost his temper and starting chopping fingers off until someone came clean. My Clementine was about to confess, though I did consider having her step back in the shadows. I didn't replay the scene so what would have happened is Clementine would have confessed had Kenny kept quiet and Carver would have probably punished her with no supper and other petty punishments.
  • If Clem took the blame, Kenny would have ended up getting beat anyway, coz he'd fly straight at Carver without thinking if he saw him hit Clem.

    Remember when Andy was holding Duck hostage and Kenny just charged wildly towards him, getting shot in the process?

    Something like that would probably happen.
  • First of all, I think if Carver were to beat Clementine up like he did to Kenny, he probably wouldn't use the walkie talkie, just his fists. (He respects her in an odd way, though we've seen he isn't afraid to hit her either. But I think he wouldn't want her dead, like he clearly intended to kill Kenny.)

    If Carver tried to give Clem a similar beating to what he did to Kenny, even if Kenny / Luke / etc were being held back, eventually either Kenny or Luke would break free and stop him before he could severely wound / kill her. (Because she would die before Bonnie showed up, as being younger and smaller I doubt her body could hold out through such a beating for as long as Kenny did.)

    Probably Kenny would, and he would end up getting beat to shit anyway.

    Clem might be pretty badly hurt though. I think it would be interesting if she had been the one to lose an eye instead, though I doubt it would have happened if she had been the one punished. I kind of want to draw it now, though.

  • "There's no tellin' what that asswipe would've done" Kenny to Clementine (Amid The Ruins preview.)

  • I think he would've shot someone, you all know what happened in episode. I think if no one owned up he would've started popping people; starting with any characters that were determined such as Nick. And then he might have gone on to shot someone else; so all In all I'm gad someone showed up, because Carver would've started shooting people.

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    He would've hit Clementine, but he would be smart enough to know that Clementine was put up to it (getting the walkie talkies). I think he would have guessed who the ringleader was and would have beaten that person more or shot them. I don't think he would assume she was the mastermind behind getting the walkie talkies.

  • He would give her a beating but not as horrible as ken's beating.

  • I don't think Carver would've beaten her, at least that much

  • He would give her a million juice boxes for being so honest to him.

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