• hopefully toad now that he looks human can get himself a job and build himself a good life where he can have glamours all the time

  • I've let Colin stay. He's my friend, he will stay at my apartment and pig isn't that bad. For Toad though... I don't know if I made the right choice, even if I said I did. Letting him stay and promising to find some money for him will be difficult, but I guess I owed him that much. I broke his car, beat him a little, wasn't his best friend to say the least. It's his final chance in my book, and if he fails to purchase glamour again, he will leave for the Farm. But I think I must've given him this one possibility to stay, even if Snow's gonna be pissed.

  • Hmm I think I played this a bit different to everyone else, Colin I sent straight to the farm for obvious reasons. But toad was a harder decision at first, I had the money at it was an option to fund his glamours, and then he goes skipping out the door and all I was left with is four very disrespectful explanations, replayed that pretty quick.

  • I like how you put that Snow White is just the Side kick that creates sexual tension xD that is so true

  • I gave toad Crane's money which is technically Fabletown funds to help him replace all the damage Bigby's caused,also to give him a chance to make him responsible for a glamour.As for Colin,well... I already told him what I told to toad in episode 1 about the rules,and for now,during the time of chaos,friends is what matters,just like Nerrisa said.I just hope that they can help me in taking down the crooked man and make things to be more peaceful and stable before Bigby can enforce the rule with lesser consequence.

  • Well it really depends on what characters the player likes and want to keep in their graces, keep on friendly terms with them and what not. the logic is there however, Crane took most of the money, mean while some fables are aren't in glamour - there is a chance that the mundies will see them and all hell break lose, meanwhile Snow and Bigby is in trouble from the Crooked Man and if they don't play their cards way there is going to be gang war.

    this what I did, I played the mercy Bigby, but I agreed to what Snow told me and follow the rules, the only time I disagree with snow was with the witch and the tree. I told Colin and Toad to go to the farm. this is my reason behind it

    1. there is much you can do for them, there is no money, and there is a chance that they would be seen by the non-fables. and leaning the exist of the fables is prouably the last thing that is need. Even if you give money to Toad I think he will get a glamour, he didn't before.

    2. the Crooked Man will use other fables to get to Snow and Bigby, endanger them or tell them to do something. Better some fables go to the farm to keep them out of trouble and one thing less thing to worry about.

  • I didn't answer to Colin, Snow IS the boss and she just kept a speech about how she's the boss but if you read the comics, you know what a shit hole the farm is so... it is hard me to judge Colin and she would sent him there later no matter what so no high hopes for him given.

    Toads other hand... i told him in Ep1, 2 and 4 to get that glamour and he just kept lying to get it next day. Im not take that shit. There's a limit, so he went to the farm.

  • Stop with the sexism saying Snow was only a side kick, what if we had another male character who hung around with Bigby? Would you call him a sexual tension? #facedesk if not enough #facepalm

  • Personally I sent them to the farm, hell in the comics Bigby's kids get sent to the farm because they didn't look human, trust me he didn't like that decision and they were obviously more to him than buddies. But guess what,then I played it over and let toad and Colin stay, that's the beauty of the game people, multiple saves.

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