• Honestly, I don't mind the story being changed, as long as it is to make it better. As for previews, do they really have to contain each scene exactly how they are in the episode? I like playing the episode and being suprised by what happens.

  • Its obvious that they are keeping Brannigan for season 2 .

    Hah , you WISH . :P

  • Maybe You forgot : it's TTG


    It's in German, but at the end the article is translated. Anyway:

    <<Two independent sources claim that “creative differences” led to multiple delays of Telltale’s new game series The Wolf Among Us and its relatively short playtime so far. According to those sources, an entire storyline involving the police investigating lead character Bigby and the fables in general was cut shortly before the release of episode one, which led to a rewrite of the entire season and episode two in particular.

    Telltale originally intended Bigby to have multiple run-ins with the police in episode one and to become a suspect in the murder of Snow White in episode two, possibly being framed by “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, whom players on Telltale’s own forums already had spotted correctly in the first episode of the game. Bigby’s true identity would have been questioned from the second episode onwards, too.

    One of episode two’s cut sequences would have had Bigby disguised as female police officer Kelsey Brannigan enter the police station’s morgue to retrieve “Snow White’s” body. This sequence, along with the entire story arc, was removed prior to release without a real substitution though — attentive players had already noticed that the preview image for episode 3 has been changed with the release of episode 2. (See above.)

    Cutting said storyline and subsequent rewrites would explain the delay of episode 2 as well as its short playtime. Neither Telltale Games nor Fables creator Bill Willingham could be reached for comment.>>

  • I just don't understand why telltale can't just come out and say we changed the story and that is why episode 2 took so long its not that hard considering we already figured it out they should just come out and confirm that it happened and move on

    • Maybe we have to wait until ep.5 is out to know, they would have problem to tell the whole plot without spoiling the finale.

      • I don't really care whether they tell the original plot or not I think they should just come out and say that they changed it that is all they need to do and then if they want they can tell the original plot later

        • Every writer rewrites stuff. I write, and I can guarantee that you've never seen a movie, read a book, or played a game that hasn't been through some rewrites. I don't think they really need to come out and tell us that they changed stuff. We know that they did. :)

          I'm also kind of over the fact that ep. 2 was delayed. Sure, waiting sucked, but 3 &4 have come out in a timely manner.

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            MrLee BANNED

            what you say is true but I'm always curious what it was

            • Sure, I do agree that it is interesting to think about where they may have taken the story. I love looking at old concept art or old scripts for movies and such to see how they evolved. It's fun. But to be honest, I can understand why Telltale changed most of these things. I think aside from a bit of a stumbling block at the beginning of ep. 2, the story is pretty good. I guess I just don't see why some fans are asking for some sort of admission or official confirmation that things were changed.

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                MrLee BANNED

                true did you know the writer of the Harry Potter was gonna kill Harry and Ron in the books because she was very depresive but didn't.

                And Bioshock Infinte was a good game but TOTALY changed since 2010 and 2011 almost nothing from the demos we saw happened.

                • I knew about the Harry and Ron thing. :)

                  I didn't know about Bioshock Infinite. I didn't follow its development that closely. But I loved the game exactly as it was.

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                    MrLee BANNED

                    I love that game did you know in a interview when you was nock out on the beach and Elizabeth helped you and asked that she could dance with those people somewhere. The interview said she left you behind and you had to ask a woman and a man where she was and those man and woman are still in the game.

                    But those characters are still on the beach and say good day mister.

                    Not far away from you.

                    This was changed because... Elizabeth left you for dead! HAHAHAHAHA

  • I agree about rewrites. Everytime you are doing something creative things get changed. But because of the telltale episode format rewrites are not good because it doesn't build from previous episodes. Things that happened before doesn't matter in a new story and so on. It just doesn't add. TWAU picked up pretty good. E2 was absolutely horrible, but I think E4 is fantastic but short.

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      MrLee BANNED

      I liked EP 2 but... I rather play other episodes than that one again, EP 4 was good but just to short

    • I actually don't think that episode 2 was horrible. I think it was probably the weakest episode in the season, maybe because it was a little obvious in the beginning that they were trying to find their footing again. But, I loved the dialogue at the Pudding n' Pie and exploring the hotel room was interesting too. But I agree with you 4 was fantastic. 3 was my favorite so far.


    Even Dee admits Bigby's hot. Hue. Canon.

    Good job, though.

  • Damn, so that was the original story. Not sure if I would have liked it that much, a Fabletown mafia-esque story sounds more interesting to me. What I would love is to see a Mundy somehow perhaps become friends with Bigby but end up dying/getting harmed installing harsh rules against letting Mundies anywhere near the Fabletown community.

  • Pretty sure the pimp model is used as the shifty guy in alley when you leave the taxi before entering the trip trap in ep.1/

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