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"You two sure look like a match" Luke and Nick's friendship

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When Kenny said this in Episode 2, was he implying that Luke and Nick are a gay couple? I think Nick might actually have feelings for Luke, seeing as how defensive he got and how emotionally angry he can be. Luke's perfect for him. They've been friends for many years, he's friendly, sweet, understanding, and could ease the sorrow of any man or woman.

  • Guys, they aren't together. Do you really think Telltale would put Luke in a relationship with a determinant character? Nick is going to die, just like all of the determinate characters do. Matthew and Walter are the only gay couple that Telltale announced, and if Luke and Nick were a couple, they would have told us by now.

  • I think it's very, very possible Nick could have feelings for Luke, but I don't see them as reciprocated. And I wouldn't really want them to be, because I disagree, I don't think Luke would be good for Nick. Personally I think Luke tends to patronize Nick and doesn't really have respect for him as an equal. Nick talks a lot about how much he admires Luke and how much he wishes he was like him, but you don't get any of that from Luke's end. You get stuff like "I'm worried about that kid, I don't trust him to tie his own shoes." That's not a balanced relationship and it wouldn't be healthy, romantically, either.

    Personally I think it would be a very wise and interesting move for Telltale to make Nick gay and have feelings for Luke, and there's a lot of valid evidence that could support it even now, but I just don't see a romantic relationship between them happening, especially since Nick is determinant.

    Also, just as a warning, we've had threads like these before and they've become VERY controversial, so be careful.

    • Why the fuck not? It would be an interesting story, and I wouldn't even care if they did start being a couple or long as it would be at the right moment.

      • I don't understand what you mean by "Why the fuck not"? I'm in favor of this. I think it's very possible for Nick to be gay and have unrequited feelings for Luke, and it's an addition to his character I would like to see.

        My only qualm here is that I don't think Luke would feel the same way.

        • I meant, why not, why can't it happen? It's not a bad idea. I see your point of view, and I agree.

          • Luke doesn't talk about Nick the way Nick talks about him. They're old friends, yeah, and they do care for each other a lot, but I get the feeling that Luke feels a sense of reluctant responsibility for Nick, whereas Nick admires and envies Luke a lot and has expressed this multiple times. Their friendship isn't as balanced as a lot of people think it is.

            I'm not trying to villainize Luke here or criticize people who ship them. I just feel like, realistically, it's probably going to be unrequited. And like I said, I personally prefer it that way--not because I don't want to see gay relationships, trust me, I do, but I just don't see this as being a good pair. I don't think Luke intends to be hurtful with some of the patronizing things he has said to/about Nick ("I don't trust him to tie his own shoes" "Keep on an eye on that kid for me" "Are you kidding me? If Clem can do it you can"), but it clearly has an effect on Nick nonetheless ("I wish I was like him, I wish I could just keep moving on, but I'm just not built like that"), so I worry that if they were to have a romantic relationship it might be escalated and that would be toxic for Nick's self-esteem.

            • Again, I agree with you. I think Nick would be more insecure and unsure of himself if he was with Luke. He'd probably just keep thinking that Luke doesn't feel the same, or Luke feels bad for him and doesn't want him to feel hurt. But, I would actually ship Nuke if it was confirmed...

              • Oh, well, yeah, I think it would be an interesting dynamic to see. I wouldn't be against it if it happened. I'd just feel really bad because Nick is my favorite character and I'd hate to see him struggling with yet another issue.

  • No. Please don't start this again

  • I think Kenny said that because of just living in the same household as a gay couple, and so he said it because he wanted them to make sure they knew he had nothing against gay people, in case they were feeling slightly uncomfortable because of it and just didn't raise up the confidence to ask.

  • Like others said before, Kenny seems like that guy who makes assumptions. "You're... you know... urban." being the most famous example. Luke and Nick seem close when he first meets them (they both go outside together to do some stuff, sit next to each other at dinner, etc) so he's going to assume from his time living with Matthew/Walter that they could be together and wants to get that out in the open. But idk. And I think Luke and Nick poke fun at his "joke" later when Nick asks if Luke is going to tuck him in lol.

    But I think Nick could have feelings for Luke, but they are not returned. Luke just seems like he's unsure of how to "deal with" Nick, but knowing each other for 20 years must make them very very close friends.

  • I don't think so, to me it was like Kenny was trying to get them mad, kind of degrade them so he seemed superior.

    No! I don't mean that being gay is degrading, just- you know what I mean.

    • Yeah, but it's ironic because, if Kenny was in a group with Walter and Matthew(who were gay couple), then why would he make fun of Luke and Nick being gay? Despite how much people like Kenny, there's no doubt that he really wouldn't be a good friend.

      • Agreed. Kenny can say stuff without thinking sometimes, but I don't think he's so insensitive that he'd mock the orientation of the men who took in him and his girlfriend and offered them so much hospitality. Clearly Walter liked him enough to talk highly of him. I doubt he would speak that way if there were issues of homophobia going on.

      • Kenny seemed to like Walter a lot, calling him "one smart son of a bitch" and complimenting his cooking. Kenny was also devastated when Walter died. If you go to him for help, he says "Walt" really sad, then flies into a rage and tries to shoot Carver a few more times as he calls him a "motherfucker." From the interaction we saw between those two, it looked like they were actually pretty good friends.

      • I think he was just trying to insult them. When you call people something they aren't they'll get defensive.

        • Plus Kenny was already originally suspicious with him and Nick. He was probably just sizing them up, looking for a reaction.

        • I mean... I guess it depends on the person, but people get the most defensive when they feel they need to protect something in some way. I dunno, Luke just didn't even really react to the comment, but I feel like it's very valid to believe that Nick may have reacted that way because he panicked and wanted to idea something.

          Like i said, it depends on the person. I'm sure there are people out there who get defensive over things they needn't.

          • Well, to me, it was a reaction that said

            "Hey buddy, I know what you're saying, don't call me that!"

            Assuming that he isn't gay, it's probably insulted his 'man hood' in his kind of terms.

            • Well, yeah, Nick is quite clearly insecure in his manhood. I think a lot of that has to do with his father absence in his life. He's very Freudian, bless 'im.

              I mean, yeah, it could be just that, or it could be a little more complex--being gay while already having insecurities on being a man would no doubt weaken his already flimsy self-esteem, and the defensiveness of now wanting to be found out, that I mentioned before, all stems from the fact that he doesn't want to be perceived as less than a man.

  • Regardless if they are into each other or not, i'd say that there is defiantly an imbalance in their relationship, at least that we know of, chances are that Luke's lack of concern for Nick is just a mistake on the writers part, but it could be easily fixed with them mentioning that if Nick was alive, Luke couldn't be all best buddies with Nick because he needed to focus on more important things such as saving the whole group. and if Nick died, Luke found out when he talked to the group shortly after talking to Clem and he was upset at the moment but having the ability to move on quickly tries to ignore his distress in order to focus on saving the group.

  • I lose a little respect for this forum every time I come on and see theories like this. This is pretty much the whole reason why I rarely come on here anymore. Anyways, enjoy the 3 week wait until news because clearly you guys have run out of stuff to talk about.

  • It's Kenny, guys. He's Floridian, crazy shit is coming out of his mouth.

    But seriously, I can see Nick having feelings for Luke but he surely won't ever tell him. But it could also be that he admires him a lot.

    I see them as close friends but I wouldn't mind if Nick had feelings for Luke.

  • I'm quite sure Luke isn't into guys. He made a comment in ep 1 about liking girls. "I'm an expert at talking to girls who don't wanna talk to me." And I guess I just don't think in slash terms, because I hadn't even considered the possibility that Nick likes Luke until I started reading about it on these forums.

    I didn't think twice about that Kenny comment. Kenny is very up front. If he was trying to insult Luke and Nick, they would have known. He was just being annoying in his own adorable, un-self aware way. I think his comment says way more about him than about Luke or Nick. But now that I think of it, it COULD be that Nick has a little crush on Luke. Or it could just be that Nick became a little more attached to Luke once Luke became his only surviving framily (friend/family). We'll probably never know.

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