• Maybe at that trailer in the...well, trailer, where all the walkers are banging against, it's were Sarah is. You can now save her by killing all the walkers/drawing them away or just up and leave.

    If you leave, you won't know what happens to Sarah and will never find out.

    If you try to save her, she'll just sit there not reacting and ultimately show us a bite in the shoulder/tummy/whereever you can't cut it of. It's too late for her and she just wants to be left alone to die. You then leave her and she turns. But again, you don't see any of that, because Jane and Clem are already gone when Sarah dies.

    Or maybe she is already dead and you just need to put her down.

  • You didn't have to make the promise with Sarah, but I did because it was the nice thing to do, and if Sarah becomes determinant, then of course I will save her, she might not be the best character, but when I make promises I keep them, whether they are virtual or real :p

  • Depends largely on the situation we find her in. I'll do everything I can to help save her if it appears she's still alive. Until I see the body, she isn't dead in my opinion.

    If she's bitten or said body does turn up as a Walker? I'll apologize for being unable to keep my promise and either make the last few moments easier or mercifully end it.

    ...I pray I don't have to do that, but knowing Telltale...

  • Episode 4 has come out today for some users and Sarah's fate was sadly revealed.

  • Even though i didnt want to do the pinkie swear, after this episode I'm glad I did. Poor sarah, you deserved better.

  • I keep feeling worse about not being able to save Sarah.

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    CrazyGeorge BANNED

    I'm not surprised Sarah died this way, i could tell she was broken in episode 3. There was no saving Sarah, sad and all but after losing Nick, i have no more tears to shed.

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