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Kenny doesn't seem very sad about...

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This could be evidence for Sarita surviving or just a preview mistake...

But if Sarita is so likely to die, from chopping the arm to the bite, then why wasn't Kenny depressed in the preview or sad? You'd think if your other love of your life died during an escape, you'd be broken about it.

He didn't seem affected in the preview. Well, we all know how accurate previews are, but still... could Sarita have survived then?

  • With everyone in danger, Kenny may not have time to be sad. He's got an entire group to look after, not just Clementine. Sometimes, as people, we have to put our personal feelings aside, in order to do what needs to be done.

  • It's important to remember that previews are pretty much placeholders in terms of animation. Consider the preview for episode 3, when Kenny was beaten and we saw Clem's face. Her expression in that read "oh, shiny object", rather than what we saw in the episode "arghhh, dear friend being beaten to death!" Previews aren't always like that, but don't put too much stock in character's reactions in previews.

  • I think they didn't put any emotion in Kenny to avoid spoilers about Sarita's fate.

  • I think the part of the trailer when he shows Clem his eye might be before anything happens to Sarita. He's not exactly dancing in joy, but he doesn't seem particularly sad either. The other part he appears on he's on a shitty situation (no time for mourning) but he seems really angry. And we all know how Kenny processes grief...

  • Just like how they kept Luke out of the teaser of episode three, they're going to keep Sarita and Kenny's reactions to her obvious death out of it. That'd just be too obvious to see the fate of her turn out like that. Who knows though, maybe Sarita WILL live after all. I know that if you cut off her arm there's obviously blood getting into the wound, but maybe they clean it out of proceed to cut off more of her arm with a better tool... or maybe Kenny will cut off too much and cause her to die of blood loss. Either way, they just aren't going to show that in the teasers. That'd be like having the S1E3 teaser have Kenny constantly crying and mourning the death of his wife and child which we had yet to see the death of.

  • Remember how if you surrendered in Episode 2 one of the scenes in the previews was Kenny saying, "I don't know if we could have saved Walt, but I know one of us didn't just give up."?

    And remember how that didn't happen at all? Yeah, previews don't give the best impression.

  • UK as much as IK that Kenny is deffitstated as much as anybody thinks, he's got a lot on his plate k incase you forgot things gone to hell


    Look guys there is a reason TTG didnt show Carver in the preview of House Divided ehen he knocked on Clementine's door and she opened and it was somebody else a complete stranger and not Carver and in the actual episode it was Carber so TTG can change or fake anything that is why I say its confirmed that..

    SARITA's status is a mystery and unknown

  • Wrong thread. Oops.

  • If Sarita gets away from the walkers after screaming her head off, she should only survive if you chopped her arm off. Otherwise she should turn. Making people die regardless of player actions (just like Doug or Carley) kinda negates the importance of choices IMO.

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