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Graphics don't matter...or do they?

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I just felt like expressing my opinions on graphics in video games, including some from Telltale.

You know how people keep giving some games shit for having graphics that don't look like real life? I think that was like the first thing my cousin said when I tried to get him to play The Walking Dead, although he didn't say the graphics were shit, just that they looked bad compared to The Last Of Us. I really hate it when people say a game sucks just because they think the graphics in what are considered excellent games look horrible compared to AAA titles like GTA, Battlefield, Call of Duty, and even The Last Of Us.

Of course when judging games, gameplay should be the first priority since it's called a GAME. But this doesn't mean that game designers can't take advantage of the idea and make the game look as visually appealing as possible. I think THIS is what should matter when it comes to judging graphics. Not if the designs look like real life, but if the designs are actually nice to look at and add to the tone and atmosphere of the game.

I'm not one of those people who say that graphics don't matter because honestly, it's insulting to visual artists who make the game the way it is. I judge graphics based on detail, lighting shading, animation, character design, colour, and basically just how well the visuals work with the game. I've only played three games from Telltale: both Seasons of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. The graphics in these games, when you really think about, while cartoonish do really really work with the games. All three of these have really nice graphics when you think about it.

The Wolf Among Us, IN MY OPINION, has the best cel-shaded graphics I've ever seen in game. I've seen Okami and Borderlands and they both look good. But as someone who loves films with a noir style, The Wolf Among Us wins hands down.

I liked how in Season One, the lack of vibrant colours reflected how all the characters lost everything and everyone that made them happy. In Season Two, you could say that the much more colourful visuals could represent how the survivors are just accepting the world is what it is and now they have a chance to start over. Honestly though, I think the graphics in Season One matched the tone a lot better than the graphics in Season Two. Not to say that Season Two doesn't look brilliant because it does.

If Telltale really did want to make games with life-like visuals, they would have especially considering how much they've made thanks to The Walking Dead. I really think this cel-shaded artwork they do for their games looks really impressive, and it's kind of their signature style. Honestly, graphics SHOULD matter when it comes to presentation and just how nice the game looks regardless if it's made to look like real-life or made to look like a comic book.

  • they dont matter too much in a telltale based game

  • I'd choose a game with a good story over good graphics any day. But The Walking Dead has both a good story and good graphics. The facial detail for the characters is amazing.

  • Good story + Gameplay > Graphics

    People need to to understand that graphics don't make a game good. Even if it looks close to real life. Unless you're the type of person to indulge how something looks and not how it really plays out

  • I think it's more about gameplay because I went back and played Ps1 classics like Crash and they were still awesome but I would never play a game with awful gameplay just because of the graphics

    Saying this it's a package who doesn't love beautiful graphics like beyond two souls, TLOU, AC and bioshock infinite etc you really get more into the experience and feels more real. I'm always just in awe playing a game that mastered both.

    TWD graphics was due to the small budget but it was still really refreshing playing a unique graphic style game one which I since grown to love.

    Alt text

    My opinion on Graphics and Gameplay ^

  • I honestly think the graphics for TWDG and TWAU are amazing. And I like how you brought up the almost bleakness of season 1 of TWDG represents the fading hope of the survivors and season 2's brighter colors and atmospheres (the bridge, the lodge, even Carver's camp - which was depressing and prison-like - had a beautiful purple sky in the background) represent how, over two years into the apocalypse, this world has become reality for the survivors. You can't really compare TWDG/TWAU with TLOU (which also has amazing graphics) because TWDG is supposed to be like a comic book and TLOU is supposed to look that realistic.

  • I don't think at all that the graphics are bad. It's artistically different from what is the norm in the gaming industry, but that what helps it give it's character. I wasn't fond of the graphics at first because I am used to games that don't look like a cartoon, but I have very fond of the graphic style and I don't want it to be changed. To be honest when I first saw TWDG I didn't bother to even check it out because I didn't like how the show turned out (sorry not a big fan of personal drama that can be resolved in one to two episodes vs the three to four that it seems to take). To my thinking: if the game is anything like the show, I don't want play it.

    It wasn't until I saw WeAreTheRomantics on twitch playing season 2 episode 2, at that time, that I had my interest piqued. After that I did a little research and saw the slew of awards given to season 1. Given the awards and its' popularity when I mentioned it to a few friend who were familiar with the game (and their utter horror that I hadn't played it), that I purchased the game. Since then I haven't been disappointed and have easily become amongst my favorite games in years.

    But to be more on topic I will recite an old gaming proverb: playing a video game for the graphics is like watching porn for the story.

  • The grapichs for The Walking Dead are good but there is just so much more potential for the art style.

  • Graphics don't matter. They're nice to have, but they don't matter.

  • A lot of high-graphic games are visually striking and beautiful at many times (Notably the giraffe scene in TLOU). But the best looking games to me are the ones that had solid, bright colours. Limbo, Monaco, Team Fortress 2, and most notably, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. And of course The Wolf Among Us falls into this category.

    And I do like the look of Season 1 more than Season 2. The bleak, gray overtones give it a unique feel.

  • Graphics are something important in a game. but they are not the whole game. there must be a balance between all sectors. Writing, gameplay, animation, art direction, etc. .. and if a game has wonderful graphics, but has a poorly written script and bad gameplay, will quickly cease to be interesting.

    I must admit that when I started playing TWD. the "cartoony" graphics don't impress me much (despite knowing that they were so to resemble the HQ). and even took some of my motivation to play. the fact of being a Point-and-Click game also was a barrier for me at the time. I was accustomed to AAA games with stunning graphics and fluid gameplay, like Assassins Creed, Battlefield and The Witcher. however, the well-constructed and captivating script of TWD quickly caught my attention and gradually was surprising me more and more.

    The graphics of TWAU are really good indeed, and give a certain unique charm to the game. I'm very curious to see how will be the graphic style of Game of Thrones. I don't know if cartoony graphics will match very well with the aggressive and realistic atmosphere of George R.R.Martin. But TT always finds a way to surprise us. :)

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