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    That would be kind of out-of-character for Luke at this point. He isn't a violent person and he normally tries to reason with people most of the time. Remember when he first saw Kenny's group? He didn't even have a weapon pulled out.

  • I think Luke could kill, but it depends on the circumstances. He clearly doesn't like the idea of taking human life, and is often the one trying to keep the peace to avoid a fight. If he had to shot somebody, he'd most likely shoot to disarm them rather than kill them

    It'd probably be from such a thing however that he might accidently kill someone [say for example if person was about to draw a gun on him to shoot him or one of the others, he might do so as well but not have time to think about where to aim before he pulls the trigger, and thus hit a fatal organ or something.]

    As a means of self-defence or protecting his friends being just seconds from death, I could see it being possible. But to kill out of revenge or strange up anger, that's too strong for Luke. For something like that to happen, he'd have to be REALLY pushed to the extreme, and I mean the real soul crushing, psychologically testing extremes of losing EVERYTHING and not being able to pick himself up afterwards.

    • " Try for the two on the right. Go for them dead-center! That way if you miss a little, you'll still hit something." Robert Redford to Paul Newman in a standoff with a Bolivian gang, from 1968 film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

      Shooting a gun out of a person's hand, like a lot of movies show, is impossible. When fired upon, police and soldiers alike are trained to "shoot to kill." So if Luke shot to wound somebody, that idea would more than likely backfire.

      From what I've seen of Luke, he would have a hard time killing someone, and would feel bad about it afterward. For human beings in general, taking a life, whether human or animal, is hard to do. My uncle, who was in the Vietnam war from 1970-1971, which was the most violent time during that whole conflict, can testify to that personally. Even though my uncle lives on a farm, when it comes time to shoot a fatally injured or deathly sick animal, he said it's still hard for him to do.

      Even a prison warden, who was legally sanctioned to execute criminals, said he still suffered the psychological and emotional trauma from ordering it. He said, even though these people he executed were dangerous, he said his conscious still plagued him with guilt. At the end of the interview, the warden concluded, based on his own experience, and I quote, "The human brain was not designed to kill."

      Luke, if he's put in that position of having to kill another human being, even if it's in self defense or in defense of the group, will still feel the effects of it. And, no doubt, we'll see Kenny also being plagued, as a result of his actions towards Carver, if not in the next episode, perhaps future ones. If Kenny, is not shown to be plagued by his actions, than it shows there's something wrong in his thinking.

      And sadly, that type of thing does happen. For example, some people who are in combat for a long time, can come back, and their view towards human life is no longer sacred. Some have been so numbed by the experience of having to kill, that they no longer feel the pangs of conscious from committing such acts. My Grandma told me that when her oldest brother,( who's now deceased), came back form fighting the Japanese in WW2, that he was a changed/dangerous man.

      But I have confidence, that Kenny will still have his humanity. I'm certain, even though he committed a heinous act, Kenny will still try to be a good man. As I'm sure Luke would do also.

      Luke is a good man. Even if Luke had to kill someone in self defense or in the defense of another, that doesn't make him a murderer. And Kenny, even though he's has murdered, to me still has a shot at redemption.

      • I really liked reading that, you made a lot of good points :)

        • Well thank you. If I may, which points stood out to you the most? Just curious.

          • How death can change people in different ways. The thing about the prison warden got me a lot though :( even just the farm stuff, I don't think I could ever shoot a sickly animal.

            Here's a question for you, out of you own opinion I kinda want to know. Do you think Luke could've killed in the past?

            • That's a good question. Lee did, and yet when when Carly questions him about the incident with the state senator who was sleeping with Lee's wife, Lee can reply, "It was an accident! I pretty much knew about the affair. Sometimes I wonder if I should talk to the group about it." That shows that Lee can express regret over his actions.

              And when Danny St. John shot Jolene, Lee could reply in shock, "You straight up murdered that woman." That indicates that even though Lee has committed murder, that doesn't mean he's that way from the heart, by the fact that he's horrified by it.

              And, the player basically has the option of taking Lee, who committed a terrible crime, and yet having him be a good man.

              Whether or not Luke actually killed someone in the past or not, is all conjecture really. Unless the writers decide to have that be a part of his history, and something that he actually shares with the group, nothing that is said here, will prove he did or did not. However here are some possible scenarios...

              Perhaps while he was out with Carver, before he and the others fled the 1st time, maybe Luke, Carver, and a few others came across an innocent group of people, and Carver savagely butchered them. As a result, Luke feels guilty that he's was apart of the group that commited the slaughter, even though Luke did not personally kill anyone. Guilty by association.

              Or perhaps he inadvertently got an innocent person killed. And as a result, he's guilt-stricken about the incident. And rightly so!

              And perhaps that's why he seems to be hiding something about his past.

  • He seemed liked he was willing to kill troy when he went to pick up that gun.

    I think Luke is willing to kill but maybe more as a last resort or when he gets too pissed off.

  • I like Luke and I really hope he doesn't do that... and it'd be especially out of character for this to happen. When they were arguing at the lodge, Luke remained mostly quite and tried to change the subject some times. He's more of a 'walk away' type whenever it comes to fighting/arguing.

  • I thought you'd go more into a "I actually have no choice but to kill someone" direction. The situation you described shows Luke killing Kenny just to avoid a fist-fight. But, to follow your initial idea, Kenny's enough of an asshole to Luke to get into a fight with him, but I don't even see it going past a few blows, specially if Clem's there. If Kenny actually snaps due to Sarita's death and leads him into a kill-or-be-killed situation, THEN Luke would be forced to kill Kenny, but not any other way. To be honest, I'm more inclined to believing Luke will kill an actual enemy of the group and then feeling bad about it, even if he had no choice.

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    badassm BANNED

    Yeah right, Luke taking out Kenny? That would never happen.

  • I don't know about this, but how smart am I... People can do crazy shit, you know

  • The chances of Luke and Kenny physically fighting are slim. The chance of Luke mindlessly killing Kenny is even slimmer.

  • Well, I do have ONE sort of theory.

    As far as we know, Luke is no where near on the edge of losing it, but what if he's just so well at hiding it? You all know that Nick is determinate and he'll eventually die. Nick being the only thing left for Luke, will it push him to the edge and make him snap at every little thing like Kenny did?

    "When things get taken away, people do crazy shit." - Lee.

    If Nick died, how would he feel? And considering that in your gameplay, he might already be dead, maybe he's just a ticking timebomb.

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