• I'm having trouble seeing the purpose of these Nerissa is Faith idea. How does it matter? I mean it's not like Faith was Bigby's childhood friend.

  • The only real relevance I can see is that there's chemistry between Faith and Bigby.

    I think it's just really to give the player something to investigate on a second play-through (to increase the re-playability), e.g. search every possible branch for the evidence to piece it together (at least that's what I'd like to think and would love them to do in future releases).

    The thing is I'm personally not that interested in that particular mystery. So Faith walks away but what does it matter really? My Bigby cares about Snow and I'm rooting for Bigby and Snow to get together.

    I think it's just to leave you with a bit of a twist and a mystery, it's just (apart from the apparent chemistry between Bigby and Faith) faith isn't really a large enough character for it to be truly meaningful (it's not like she's a Kaiser Soze type character).

    I think it's an interesting idea and I'm glad they did it but it just feels too tacked-on and unimportant (not fully enough realised) to really inspire motivation in me. I mean seriously, who really cares?

    What does it matter if not for her and Bigby's chemistry. Is there a donkey skin in her case? Maybe there should be a donkey-skin tale hanging out the back of her suitcase as she walks off (a symbolic way of saying, hey Bigby come get me, I'm leaving Laurence?)

    Maybe she'll end up being a trickster/shape-changer character that's present throughout the narrative but that would be better as a star-crossed black-hat character (my Bigby was a White hat) that Bigby was persuing (that would be really cool).

    It would be great if the star-crossed, shape changer / love interest for Bigby would change dynamically based on weather your Bigby is a white-hat character or just a complete dick. That would be awesome (maybe the evidence left in the different strands could change dynamically kind of like Tell Tale Games meets Silent Hill Shattered Memories.

  • My head is hurting reading all of these comments. So, in I think episode 1, there is a choice when talking to the mirror to look for Faith. It's response is puzzling me. So when the mirror says "Through powerful magic her whereabouts concealed. Unfortunately for you, "These lips are sealed."" is that referring to the glamour that Faith is in?

    • It's the cursed ribbons the girls wear that causes the mirror to say that.

      • If the ribbon is why the mirror states that, and the found "Faith" head doesn't have a ribbon, that only lends credibility that Faith is alive and wearing a ribbon for the mirror to respond in this way... I really need to replay everything.

        • But the Faith head on the steps DID have a ribbon. It was in her mouth tied around the ring.

          • I was sure when Vivian was explaining things that the spell is broken when the ribbon is removed.

            When the head is found, Bigby takes the ribbon with the ring. The mirror part is after the ribbon is removed from the mouth.

            • The spell is only broken if Vivian's ribbon is removed not the other girls. Vivian is the original that's why. The mirror also says the same thing about lips being sealed when asking about Lilly and we know she is dead as well if you need more proof.

              • when does this happen? i dont remember asking the mirror about lilly

                • If you walk around the office before examining Lilly's body you can ask the mirror about Lilly if I remember right. There's a possibility to miss the chance to do this though and have to do it by talking to TJ first and then saying you don't want to look at the body right away.

                  • Nah, you don't know Lilly's name yet, so mirror can't say anything about it - Bigby should be more specific. And after examining we don't have a chance to ask mirror again, though there is no point at asking about Lilly's body. That's why it is very possible that Faith is alive and well, and mirror could only say "lips are sealed". And the magic of course disappears after taking off the ribbon (though the head too :D)

                    • It seems people aren't reading the previous comments by others, and the same thing keeps getting repeated. You do know Lilly's name if you apprehend and question the Woodsman, as he confesses that she was his whore. When you ask the mirror about Lilly, he responds the same "these lips are sealed", and we know Lilly is dead. SO that seems to tell us that the spell is only broken when Vivian's ribbon is removed. So there is really no way of knowing if it's Faith or Nerissa who is still alive. The Donkeyskin master of disguise fable points towards Faith being Glamoured as Nerissa, alive and well. While Nerissa may have been glamoured as Faith when Georgie killed who he thought was Faith. Bigby most likely met the real Faith at the beginning, bc at the end she repeats the same line.

                    • You need to arrest Woody. If you don't arrest Woody you won't have the chance to ask the mirror.

              • The story about the ribbon is actually telling that the spell is broken if you untie the ribbon.

          • The ring was Faith's family crest... even though she wasn't technically wearing the ribbon anymore, maybe tying it to the ring had the same effect on concealing her.

  • I just finished the game today ... and the ending was a delight :D.

    All I want to say is the mirror refuses to show faith even when her head was cut off from her body. This could only mean that she is still wearing the ribbon! Now we have the argument that narissa could be faith the whole time but there are 2 different magics in play here 1 that conceals physical form 2 that protects ones loyalty/silence/identity I believe even if faith was dead the mirror should have shown the head/body of the deceased that was at the doctors disposal which does not happen. So i believe faith is still alive.

  • What if both faith and nerissa are alive? Who we see at the end is faith glamoured as nerissa, why didn't she want to remove the ribbon? Because it would reveal a scar around her neck where her head was cut off, I kno what your thinking the glamour would cover that if it were the case but no it wouldn't lilly still had injection marks on her leg and the game made a point of showing us this so would stand to reason the scar would remain, how is she alive? Not sure but the body was never found and the doctor had to do some additional "tests" and again at the very firat episode the game showed us how much damage the woodsman could take so maybe other fables like faith could survive such things probably wrong but just an idea :-)

  • In the posted photo...who is the lady-fable talking with SnowWhite? Im guessing its Holly or Lilly but think bout it ......why would Lilly have a box of photos with her NOT in any of em?

    Was Lilly also trying to rid herself from the clutches of the Crooked Man? And when she tried, failed got her head cut off by Faith/Nerissa.because she knew too much? Why else would she feel guilty enough to confess so tearily?

    Could therebe another person we are leaving out that couldmake sense to one other theory?

    The theory: BOTH Nerissa and Faith are not alive djring the

  • LOL I don't even think TellTale Games thought about the ending as much as we did

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