• Lol are you the crooked mans lawyer or something? They should have got you to defend him at his trial :P But no he is a bad man, he might not have got down and dirty but he was manipulating Fabletown for his own means, he might try to fancy it up and say he helped people. But that back room in the butchers shop says otherwise.

  • Yeah, it's quite interesting that not only did Crooky not commit the murders by hand, we also have no real evidence that he actually ordered them in the first place.

    This is why I strongly believe killing him is the wrong thing to do.

  • Agree 100%. There's no real proof that CM was the killer or ordered anybody dead, only circumstantial evidence.

  • I agree with you. He wasn't a good person at all, but I wanted to be 100% sure he killed/ordered the death of those innocent people before accuse him of murder. (And this is also why I liked Nerissa but I lost her trust at the end of episode 5).

  • I actually suspect that the Crooked Man was innocent after all, and everything was a conspiracy by the thirteen floor witches, who wanted to get rid of cheap glamours, as they were unfair competition for their glamors.

    • Yeah, that's possible. But I think between Nerissa lying at the trial and her "you're not as bad as everyone says you are" line, she schemed a conspiracy that involved getting the girls killed to save herself and distracted everyone towards the The Crooked Man to avoid persecution.

  • If you read the books you see that they exist in a harsh world. People are executed, people are killed in fights, people are murdered (sometimes semi officially sanctioned). They have their own rules, you can't apply the mundy rules.

  • No matter how you look at it the Crooked man was just...well crooked. All the years of his so called "helping" had finally caught up to him, and in the end he was alone having no one to blame but himself.

  • I wouldn't know. Killed him. Laid his corpse on the table at the trial. You should have seen the look on Snow's face. She was so pissed.

    Oh, was I supposed to bring him in alive?

  • He still committed crimes though, there's proof of those.

  • No real evidence against him? A great mob leader does well to distance his self just enough for the legal ambiguity of reasonable doubt. There's that old saying, "usually where there's smoke there's fire". Part of being a detective is using inductive reasoning to piece things together. Why would essentially the entire town of Fables get involved in a conspiracy to get rid of the Crooked Man? The Crooked Man was a loan shark gangster. There is an option for bigby to say to nerissa "you threw your friends under the bus"...this implied to me that Nerissa either set up the murders of Faith and Lily to get the CM caught...or all three of them were really working on trying to get out from underneath the CM and he found out and told Georgie to "take care of it"...most of us even know what that usually implies in their line of work, but that phrase is just vague enough to instill reasonable doubt due to the ambiguity of meaning. Nerissa's part may have been unknown to CM...i can't remember clearly, i'd have to play it again....but either way, Nerissa seized this opportunity and used it to her advantage to get out and get the CM out of control.

    Personally, I strangled the CM to death at his hideout after whoopin Bloody Mary's arse. He was pulling the strings and essentially terrorzing Fabletown. The CM DID try to have Bigby killed by Dee and Dum-to which i ripped out one of their throats...and sent Blood Mary after him-twice...and black mailed Icabod Crane to leave to country...those aren't really the actions of someone who's innocent and conspired against

    • The Crooked Man is guilty on other things, but not the murders of Faith and Lilly. Georgie killed them after misinterpreting the Crooked Man's words. Just like he said, they're all free to make their own decisions. You said you ripped out Dum's throat and choked the Crooked Man. Your own violent decisions justify their violent actions against Bigby.

      • After playing it again, I believe Georgie, the Jersey Devil and 'Nerissa'. JD says that if those girls are dead it's because CM wanted them dead. CM isn't going to do anything to incriminate himself, he's a businessman, he's smarter than that. Georgie was the scapegoat set up to take the fall should CM's name be linked to anything. You saw how quickly CM through his employees under the bus. All the Fables are doing Shady shit and CM has something on everyone-that's why they protect him. They don't want to have to air their own dirty laundry. No one protected CM because they wanted to protect. Take Aunty Greenleaf...CM helps get her her magical tree and probably felt obligated to help the CM because having the tree allowed her to make her non-black market Glamours (I say they're not illegal b/c as Bufkin stated, it's frowned upon, but there aren't any laws forbidding it.) JD doesn't seem like a nice guy and appears keeps his mouth shut so he can take the property from all the Fables the CM collects from; he closes his eyes and takes his cut, to use Georgie's words. 'Nerissa' did lie about what she heard the CM say, but as she said, she wasn't going to see him get off on a technicality. Faith found the photo of Crane sleeping with someone that he was allowing to use these 'black market' Glamours and CM didn't want anything to be traced backed to eat the expense of of other Fables. Also, Vivian says while they're at CM's place "you're all just going to let him take the fall?" or something akin to that....all the evidence is circumstancial, bu I don't think CM planned of Vivian dying...she needed to stay alive to keep the girls quiet; CM didn't plan on 'Nerissa' coming to his so-called hearing. Everytime one of CM's perps behaved violently, it was a some point it's more than just a coincidence

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