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What would be Comics Bigby's...

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Choices? I'll post them

Episode 1:

Give Faith money?

Lied to Beast for Beauty?

Went to Toad's or Prince Lawrence's first?

Who was his murder suspect?(BlueBeard, The Woodsman, The Tweedle's, The Pimp, or Prince Lawrence)

Would he rip Gren's arm off?

Would he arrest Dee of The Woodsman?

Episode 2:

How would he respond to Crane about Snow's death?

How would he treat the murder suspect?

Would he let Snow come with him to The Trip Trap?

Would he smash up Georgie's place and hit him?

Would he hit Beast a second time?

Episode 3:

Would he interrupt the eulogy?

Which place where he would go first?(Dee and Dum'a Office, Crane's Place, or The Trip Trap)

Would he make a deal with Jack?

Would he offer FlyCacther a job?

Would he burn Greenleaf's tree?

Would he kill Dum?

Episode 4:

Would he send Colin to The Farm?

Would he attempt to take off Nerissa's ribbon?

Would he go to The Cut Above or The Lucky Pawn first?

Would he send Toad to The Farm?

How would he respond to The Crooked Man?

Episode 5:

Would he mercy klll Georgie?

Would he bring The Crooked Man back Alive?

What would be The Crooked Man's punishment?(Imprison, Thrown down the Well, Rippe his head off)

What would be his last words to Nerissa?

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