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No Clementine in S3 Would be an Absolute Disaster

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Actually think about this. How would you actually feel if Clem died after all of this character development, the past 9 episodes of teaching her survival skills, and having the main character die yet again. Despite all the character development, Clem still has so much potential. That's the beauty of having a child protagonist, it can last almost forever. I want you to actually think about this, what would TT do, who would it be and what are they like? This is literally perfect to be completely honest. And this might just make you hate me to all the pretentious jack asses who think they can't be a little girl, but you need to stop fucking relishing your ego and let go. I guarantee the reason you don't like having to be a little girl is because of it.

Clem dying in 205 would mean Lee's death meant absolutely nothing. Pretending TT does kill her, S1 and S2 would have no replayability after you realize that, and by extension becoming attached to any of these characters also means it would be damn near impossible. This series has seriously done the best job out of any I have ever played of making you become attached to the characters.

Seriously, if they drop Clem in S3 I guarantee TWD loses almost their entire fucking fanbase. Just food for thought.

  • To be honest Clem is the only character I cared about in Season 2.

    I don't see how they could possibly create something that is as moving as the Clem/Lee moment in Season 1 now. I have no attachment to the characters and they won't be able to fix that with a single episode.

    Maybe ** one** writer should have handled all of the episodes to give a bit more consistency to them and to actually build up characters and plot to an epic resolution...

  • Telltale would just be idiots if they kill of Clem. They killed Lee in season 1, if they kill Clem in season 2, then we almost knows, that the protagonist we get to play in season 3 will die at the end of the season.

  • Clem is basically "the face" of Telltale´s TWD video game series. Just like Rick for the TWD TV show. They would be stupid to kill their trademark characters off. Make Clem a 17 year old teen in S3 or something like that.

  • Forget this comment ;_;

  • It's time to get rid of Clem. The fanbase has become tainted and shameful in their need for fanservice.

  • Time for a reboot. This year just has not done it for me.

  • I would say if Clem dies I won't buy Season 3, but knowing myself I'd be lying.

  • nah i doubt that'll happen, it would be too much of a risk.... i mean come on... killing off clementine??? if they REALLY want to kill protagonist off they should wait at least till season 4/5

  • The reason I'm against Clementine dying is (not just because I'm a Clementine fan) but MAINLY because I can't play another game all the way thru and regardless of what I did, my guy dies. Since video games were invented the point was NOT to lose lives. You don't want your guy to die. Lee died. It was emotional and awesome. But...seriously, I love the story and all that, but ultimately it is a video game...and it's hard to feel like you've won if you died.

    I think they should follow Clem for at least another season as an older teenager just to give her some closure OR have it end so that we're uncertain about her well being and she cameo's in the next season doing just fine. I wouldn't mind playing as someone else...EVENTUALLY...but the whole point of season one was to ensure Clementine's safety. If she dies in this season it makes it all pointless. We need to see Clem to safety before we can move on from her story.

    Also, I can't shake the image Jane gave of a future Clem in her bad@ss leather jacket.

    I won't say NoClemNoBuy...but I will say Clem better NOT die. Doesn't anyone else play games for a sense of winning? It's a beautiful story but....who doesn't want to win??

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