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Your ships in TWAU

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I made one for Walking Dead, so why not Wolf Among Us?

  • Here are couples that I like; some actually ARE together and some aren't:

    Bigby & Faith Faith & Lawrence Bigby & Nerissa Beauty & Beast

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    TheGamingGuy BANNED

    Bigby + Nerissa Just, because of the scene at the end. I thought they would kiss <3333

  • Used to ship Bigby/Snow, but now I prefer Bigby/Nerissa

  • My ship has already sailed

  • Bigby and Snow (I've liked them since I started reading the comics) and also Beauty and Beast, Gren and Holly, Vivian and Georgie.

  • Bigby + Snow, no doubt about that. I actually believed that it was possible to choose to romance her, like in Mass Effect where you can choose to romance almost anyone. But sadly that wasn't an option at all in this game, but maybe (hopefully) season 2.

    Also I like: Holly + Grendel

    Georgie + Vivian

  • Bigby x Nerissa.

    I liked Bigby's interactions with her a lot more than his interactions with Snow tbh. I think they have more chemistry, and their fables fit nicely together. In most folklore, The Big Bad Wolf is feared and hated by all, he lives in isolation, known only as a monster. He has been depicted as having no soul, he is evil, and the happy ending of a story always includes The Wolf being defeated and/or killed. I imagine The Wolf would be envious of other fables for being so well received, who believe The Wolf to be out of place, a nuisance to their Society. They are happy, while he's all alone. In several interpretations of him, The Wolf is tricked by the protagonist and ends up being killed, sometimes eaten. His death is either rejoiced or not acknowledged at all. The Little Mermaid felt out of place in the ocean, and fell in love with a human man after saving him from drowning. She was tricked by the sea witch into giving up her voice for human legs, and was told she will die if the prince doesn't fall in love with her. Every step she takes with human legs is like walking on shards of glass, but she endures it because she wants so much to be with the prince, she desperately wants to belong with the humans. Tragically, the prince falls in love with another girl who he believes to be the Little Mermaid, and she is told she can keep her life if she kills him. In the end, she is unable to kill him because she loves him too much and she turns into sea foam. Her death goes unnoticed, and the prince still gets a happy ending. Both of their stories are just so sad, they both want to belong somewhere they just weren't meant to be. Both are misunderstood by those around them. They each want something so badly but don't get anything in the end. I can't help it, I'm a sucker for tragic ships like that.

    Holly x Grendel.

    The way he stood up for Holly, and defended her sister so many times was admirable. He really showed how much he cared about her again and again throughout the season. They're cute, that's all I have to say.

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