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Why Wellington?

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So, to get things straight: The Clem's journey started from Atlanta -> Savannah -> North Carolina -> Wellington (???) Is it just me or someone else too wonder why for the bloody hell they would go through over-populated states (and they will have to go through Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio if they wanna make it) if they could just go in the West?

I mean seriously they could've just go to Arkansas or Kansas or Oklahoma. It's not that far away like Michigan. Think about it: Less population -> less density -> less survivors you gonna meet -> less walkers and less risk to become one.

  • it's not that freaking cold like in Michigan where they goin'.
  • it's easier and faster to get there than to Wellington.
  • corn, lol.

Well, walkers won't freeze themselves to death like in Wellington. But still. Isn't that more logical? What are you guys think?

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