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What's happening?

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This probably isn't the right place to post this, but I don't really care. We have bigger issues.

The forums, a couple months ago, I was just lurking around. I loved the insightful, thoughtful and rational discussion going on. So I joined. I noticed that the quality of posts was degrading a little, but that's ok. Fastforward to today. Trolls run amok (although dislike button removed, so +1) ragers are rampant, and there are a good amount of plain stupid posts. There's so much drama, recently, Jennifer had to leave because she merged some threads. I don't have an opinion on that, but that caused massive uprorar and hateful comments, so she left. Stuff like this is becoming more and more common. So I ask: What happened to the forums? It was a great place to be some time ago. Now, it's falling apart. I'm very saddened by all of this, as I've become really good friends with some of the people here. Thanks for reading.

A post from Rob K that basically says the same thing:

Rob_K I concur that this place is not much fun anymore. I feel like it's full of people who think they can push the concept of 'the customer is always right' too far and that it's fine to say/do whatever they want to. I see far too much criticism thrown at Telltale and it's often not done in a sensible, calm, respectful way. There's too much over-reaction as well and people tend to think Telltale needs to cater to them. If they don't, then bad or lazy writing! Then there's the fact that many think their opinion = fact. It all leads to a never-ending cycle of complaining/arguing/debating where no progress is ever made, which doesn't make the place fun to be around. And it is slightly ironic that Telltale are accused of being disrespectful when some users should take a look at themselves.

Anyway, I'm just very much jaded with people/society/online communities. Sometimes I think I should just keep to myself and remain offline. I do feel for Jennifer as well as the other mods who need to put up with this sort of stuff.

I do hope this whole mess will lead to things improving though.

P.S. (On the Clem slap drama, I couldn't listen to the file, so i assumed it was clem slapping sarah, but i was wrong. It was meant as a humourous thread anyway (hence the xD and the end of my post. That shouldn't have turned into a massive and violent uproar.)

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