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Follow a moral decision or take Jane`s advice ?

posted by NoobSaibot000 on - Viewed by 6.5K users

This has probably been asked before but if it came down to the decision and have a choice to either save the baby doing something heroic but in the process getting Clementine bit or will you listen too Jane`s advice and save your own skin , Jane did say , you don't owe these people anything , they will get you killed and I'm not sticking around too see it happen too you , I have too say , me myself .... I would save Clementine and let the baby die. That's really horrible but still I'm not going too be eaten alive by the undead too save somebody's baby , when in the first place your a idiot jerkoff too have a baby in a zombie apocalypse ..... sorry I'm all for the group but that's where I draw the line and worry about myself FOR ONCE ....

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