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Who have you become?

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What has your Clem turned Into? A monster? A survival driven maniac? A kind person? What have you done? #MyClementine Mine is more of a survival driven maniac

  • Well my Clementine can take care of herself but still cares for people, she's hopeful,and tries to preserve her humanity .She'll always try to make the best choice, the one that benefits everyone and gets less people in risk,

  • My Clem is Lee the 2nd. Played her like i played him. She's not being broken by this world.

  • My Clementine tries to keep everyone alive, and doesn't feed into arguments/takes sides in arguments. She hasn't gone to complete shit because of the world, the only thing I can think of that was shit, was she watched Carver get killed... Though, in a world like that, you watch so many people die before your eyes- and you kill so many people...

    I tried to keep her sane and nice, but she was also harsh when she needed to be and she didn't take shit from no one...

  • My Clementine is completely finished trying to be a good person with no return. She's 'cashed her chips' so to say and is only concerned with her own personal survival at this point. Her mindset is now "anyone that gets in my way dies." Her trust in humanity is nil at this point and she'll be damned if she ever lets anyone 'in' her life again.

    Her moral compass has been 'broken' by the events of episode 4.

  • As of Episode 4, my Clementine is reaching her breaking point after the loss of Sarah, her only friend close to her age, and how barely anyone cared of her brutal passing. She's also losing faith and trust in some of the grown ups of the group for being so overly reliant on her, forcing her to make tough decisions, and showing little concern for others wellbeing in dire times.

    Beforehand she was a hardened survivor who didn't want to give up on her humanity and compassion, and wanted to meet up with Christa again. Now, she truly believes she won't see her again and is stuck with the group who is breaking apart, not knowing whether to stick with them or leave.

  • My Clementine is beginning to scare me

  • Kind slightly better than my Lee. The worst things he did was the Larry and Stealing Stranger Stuff situation.

  • MyClementine is a strong, kind survivor. She wants to save everyone, but will not risk others to save one.

  • MyClementine became a very very good friend for Nick. a better friend than Luke.

    MyClementine saved him at the Fish Traps, had a drink with him, defended him against Luke, Carlos and others, gave his watch to himself, defended him against Walter. But, she killed him because he became a walker and she had to.

    R.I.PMyClementine's Best Friend: Nick. :(

  • My Clementine hasn't 'become' anybody. She's been consistently willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, but not trusting anybody more than she can throw them. She's been kind and caring, but hard when necessary. People who talk about 'losing humanity' have an overly romanticized view of humanity. I hate to bring politics into it, but you have people cutting peoples' heads off, or trapping them on a mountain to starve to death, or bombing them remotely from 3000 miles in the air. Are you saying all those people aren't 'human'?

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