• ARVO is pre-programmed idiot who will always hate you because that is the intent of the writers.... You will be hated regardless.

  • I thought it was crap that he shot Clem too. It's obvious why he's sacred of and doesn't like Kenny, considering Kenny killed all the other Russians (probably Arvo's sister included) and the verbal and physical abuse. But why he'd also not like Clem wasn't shown well.

    But like LeeForeverret said, maybe Arvo thought Natasha was alive when Clem shot her. Maybe he doesn't know that when you die you turn into a zombie even if you're not bit, so didn't even consider she'd zombified. I think I could forgive him his hardheld dislike and shooting of Clem then, if he seriously thought Clem gunned down his wounded sister.

    I don't understand his motivations, but I still sympathize and like him and if given the chance in season three will continue to try to be nice to Arvo. Even with shooting Clem, the kid's still such a woobified character there's just no way I can hate him.

    • You're probably right.

      Oh, and Kenny doesn't kill all the Russians. He killed one, at most two. Jane killed Vitali.

      • True, Vitali probably would have died just from the stabbing. But since Kenny got the killing shot on Vitali... xD Clem certainly wasn't the only one to shoot Natasha. Though it obviously wasn't Mike or Bonnie who shot her or Arvo wouldn't have gone with them. According to the translation vid LeeForeverret posted Vitali accuses Kenny of killing Natasha so I think technically Kenny did shoot and kill all of them.

        Now that I think about it, Arvo doesn't like Jane either. He probably would have shot her or refused to go with Bonnie/Mike if they'd invited Jane along. Not sure why else they wouldn't have offered Jane a spot in their getaway group, considering she was just as against Kenny running the show and beating Arvo to death as the others. Mike and Bonnie's reasons for hurting Clem are just as unknown as Arvo's.

  • He didn't saw that Natasha turned so he thought Clem shot her just for the sake of it.

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    ErenCoral BANNED

    Okay so what if this happend to clem?

    Clem tries to hide some supplies so she and Lee can escape from their crazy group. Two people come and threaten her and put her at gunpoint. They don't steal her supplies but they steal her gun and that is the only gun she has. Clem goes back to the group and tells them about this group who tried to steal their supplies and stole her gun. Her group goes to the other group and the gunfight starts. Lee gets shot by someone but Clementine tries to save him! She gets picked up by an old guy who puts her at gunpoint and orders the other team to surrender. Clem saw Lee trying to crawl back to safety but this little boy named Jon killed him! Clem gets mad at John. All of Clems group is dead and the other group takes Clem and this old women starts beating the crap out of clem because she nearly got them killed. Clem sees a frozen lake and wants the group to walk on it so she can escape! Then one of their members die and they blame Clem because she tried to escape. Two members of the group try to help Clem escape. So they try to escape at night but then she sees John behind her putting her at gunpoint. She remembers that John killed Lee so she shoots him out of anger and then escapes.

    What Arvo did was understandable and I forgive him. Sure he shot Clem but Clem killed his sister and he didn't she was zombified. I forgive you Arvo, but please don't come back!

  • Replaying episode 5 now on a different save and I can't help but wonder about the rest of the group.

    Kenny was giving him the Carver treatment which I didn't like, but the rest of the group seem strangely okay with Arvo. Seems strange after everything they've been though.

  • Please,make him appear at season 3.I wanna beat his ass with AJ.

  • What type of person (Bonnie) would give a kid a cigarette? I lost a lot of respect for Bonnie after that. If she shows up in the future I want nothing to do with her at all. I won't even mention her and Mike trying to leave Clem and Kenny high and dry.

    • well it is the apocalpyse and your more likely to get your throat ripped out by zombies then die by cancer so i saw nothing wrong with the cigarette offer i still declined it though lol

      bonnie was nice in my playthrough and i'm not mad at them for running because that situation happened so fast and clem looked pretty dead with that gunshot wound there was nothing anyone could do so everyone was in panic.

      hope we get a dlc with mike bonnie and arvo really wanna see where the story goes for them

  • Bonnie was "nice" in your play-through and you had no problem with them running?? They were going to leave you with NOTHING...and probably for dead more or less. How naive can you be. Then you go on to say how your not mad at them because it happened so fast and there was nothing anyone could do? Wow. The guy who shot you was WITH Bonnie and Mike and had no real reason to do it in the first place except for shear revenge. What type of guy shoots a little girl to exact their personal revenge, a little girl who probably defended him most of the time by the way. Dude, what is wrong with you, for real lol. I don't see how anyone can remotely be ok with that lol. Wow.

  • Arvo is an asshole end of the story.

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