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Not a very hard choice after all...

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I don't know if anyone agrees with this, but choosing between Kenny and Jane was a fairly easy choice. If it was Kenny or Luke, now it would have been extremely more difficult!

I was Kenny's best friend back in season 1 and even though I still like him, his actions in season 2, albeit understandable, were not always easy to agree with. However, the guy is very protective over those he loves and I don't think he would hesitate to do what's gotta be done in order to protect Clem. Also, Kenny is reluctant about strangers as we have seen with Bonnie and the cabin group in S2 episode 2, so he wouldn't endanger Clem's life by welcoming a fucked-up person in their group.

Luke literally saved Clementine the moment he was introduced and did very little to be disliked. Having sex with Jane was a mistake, but he's still a good guy. We all saw his determination to save his whole group by following them to Carver's camp. He also risk his life to save AJ during the shootout if you don't do it yourself. Difficult not to trust him with your life honestly.

Now, if you take these two and compare them to Jane, why in the holy mother of Saltlick would you even go with her? I mean, what did she do for Clem?

  • Teached her a zombie-killing trick she already knew.

  • Proved her that she would leave a child behind to save her own skin.

  • Forced her to kill an old friend to prove a point (Determinant, but still).

Now to be fair, she did save Clem from the frozen lake, but that's like the only grateful thing I can recall from her.

With Kenny and Luke however, we both know they would do anything to save her and they would never abandon her. So why making us choose between Kenny and Jane, telltale?

  • I chose neither Jane or Kenny. I ended up killing Kenny because I knew he was going to kill Jane otherwise. I didn't want that to happen but I didn't want to do it either. When I found out how she was being manipulative after the fact I took her advice and decided to leave her behind too. I mean what she did was no better than teasing a dog to bite you to prove a point that "the dog is bad" when its not really all that true. I'm not going to try to survive in a group with manipulative behavior such as that. If we were to group together, as far as I see it, she would nitpick about everything wrong with any group we may find and then do anything to cause trouble like she has in the past. (Or at least that is how I seen it.)

    The choice was really AJ for the replacement for Duck or Clem for the replacement of Jane's sister. I'm glad I wasn't forced to pick between those two choices.

  • i dont want to kill Kenny really but im already decided to go with Jane since they were in the car, i simply want to abandon Kenny and the kid, it was a tough choice shooting Kenny

    • Um leaving behind the baby isn't a choice ya Derp lol. (not being mean just mostly made me laugh at 8:30 am)

      Why is it everyone who agrees with Jane also dislike, don't care about the baby. Shows the kind of thought process one has and with all the talk of Kenny being the emotional choice and Jane the moral choice is just untrue fan fiction crap. How does lying and causing the death of a man to prove a point morally right??? I'll answer for you, its NOT. Both options were picked out of emotions (Love/trust/fear of Kenny or trust/pity/fear of Jane.)

      So please stop acting like there is a moral high ground choice. Either way Clem kills someone or lets another die (or both) and not one of those choices is 100% correct

      • There is no morally right choice, but Jane worldview is more rational/objective (just like mine), and i would side with her if she wanted to leave the baby behind. We are alike and thats why i pick her.

        • Killing a strong survivor to save a weaker one isn't a good choice rationally but we all have our favorites and made our choices to fit with what we wanted or thought would happen. Understandable. I am a scruffy Older single father who saw what kenny was underneath it all but others view it differently. We all have opinions.

          • Strong survivor... Kenny is alive only because he was magically resurrected by the writers... Kenny isnt strong survivor, just writers favorite.

            • I meant physically strong as without Clems help Jane is unable to stop Kenny and gets stabbed in the heart. Jane was weak and unable to kill the guy so is killed herself. Why bring up the writers...You are not making sense and are just trying to prove you are right which just isn't true. Kenny kills Jane in the fight even if Clem doesn't ever do anything during the fight. Jane was not able to kill Kenny in any ending...she always loses no matter what! She can be saved but she doesn't ever win the fight without Clem!


              • So if what you are saying, is that if 2 equally strong people start fighting, and one of them wins, the other one magically becomes the weaker one? Even heard thing called luck. Kenny has had his share of luck over the episodes.

                And of course a man in mid 40's is physically stronger than girl in mid 20's.

                Just like with Lee and Molly fight, the outcome depends on how lucky you got with avoiding her punches.

  • I loved Kenny, so I killed him

  • dat kenny arguments are somehow really weak.

  • For me it was easy to pick Kenny to live. Wont rewind and see what other endings were, dont need to.

    • Have fun with your sociopath Clementine/Kenny relationship.

      • Again with these type of comments, I'm onto you. Trolling comments this person is trolling comments BEWARE!!!

        It's better than going with a girl who loses a fight to a one eyed guy when she has a knife thats almost close to being a sword.

        • You have stated in one thread that you will annoy people on purpose, just to see if you could get them want to murder you.

          • I did say that. All I have done though was stated my opinion. I only basically just read what you write and reply with the exact opposite because that's what you do and you wont let others have an opinion that differs from yours without telling them they are wrong irrational or a sociopath.

            I told you before if you stopped so would I. Respect people don't always share the same view that you do and stop criticizing. Thats how it stops, not just switching threads to post nastiness elsewhere. Hope this doesn't continue because I do like reading some of your less judgey comments.

      • i will do thanks for your best wishes

      • Correction: Jane has displayed much more sociopathic tendencies than Kenny. Don't get me wrong I'm not on either side of Kenny or Jane. Its true Kenny has his anger issues but just that is not something that would make him a sociopath. However a lot of Jane's "problems" can border on sociopathic in the true sense of the term.

        How sociopaths are:

        • Lying and doing anything they can to make you believe it.
        • Highly manipulative and charming.
        • Will never put blame on them self nor will they ever feel guilt or apologies if they did anything wrong. (They will apologies if it will get you convinced to be on their side though in a sense of manipulation/ to get what they want.)

          Now I don't actually believe Jane is a full on sociopath she definitely has some problems but I know 100% Kenny is NOT a sociopath. You don't have to trust me on that but if it even helps a little I had to deal with a real sociopath before. He refused to take his medication because he didn't believe anything was wrong with him but displayed all of which I listed above.

        • Kenny repeats same mistakes and claims to be sorry and says he will change. He just keeps murdering and causing deaths and never changes.

          You know, rational and objective people like Jane may seem like sociopath. You would probably think im a sociopath also if you knew me in real life.

          • Kenny knows there is something wrong with him and wants to change it even if he can't. Jane however can't admit that she has done anything wrong there fore she is "always right". There is nothing "rational" about leaving a baby in a turned off car with the window slightly cracked open during a blizzard to "prove a point" that was already very well known. Jane would have had me if she had not have done that and had actually use "true rational" to prove her point to Kenny.

            • It was rational, considering what her plan was.

              • Not at all rational. If anything reckless, irresponsible, and selfish. There were much better ways for her to handle the situation and she chose the worse way possible.

                • Her plan was to show how violent Kenny can get and it worked perfectly. Learn the meaning of word rational.

                  • Rational is based on proven facts and not based on emotions. True that part of her plan was to show how violent Kenny was there was absolutely no need to prove it because it is already something known to everyone. Her plan was more likely to get Clem to go with her and not with Kenny/ to ditch Kenny. The way she acted during the whole game she wanted Clem for herself and no one else even suggesting that she should ditch the group. Better said she wanted a replacement for her sister. This would suggests that her plan is more based on her emotions rather than fact.

                    • Her goal was to prove to Clementine that Kenny isnt safe to be around. Considering that, the most rational thing to do was to provoke Kenny in some way to show how dangerous he can be to people around him.

                      • Its obvious without the need of provoking Kenny. Her provoking Kenny is a fool trying to prove something that has already been proven. If she was really all that smart she would have taken off with Clem without the need of confrontation or confront Kenny in a way the proves to himself that he is a danger without fighting, both of which is very possible. Instead she endangers both a baby's life and her own to prove a point that is pointless to prove to Clem because of how obvious it is. The fact that she is trying to prove something that has already been proven is irrational.

                        • Well if Clem wasnt such a retard, they would have left Kenny behind when the zombies attacked them while they were in the car. There would have been no need to prove anything to Clem if she actually realized that Kenny is too dangerous to be around.

                          • Clem isn't a retard she was just emotionally attached to Kenny. She has known Kenny much longer than she has Jane. If Jane had just correctly talked to Clem about it and not attempt to provoke Kenny by insulting him in the car she could indirectly have further proven her point to Clem without confrontation.

                            • She said in the car "we could just leave", but Clementine didnt agree with her plan (which was stupid because i was already looking forward to leave Kenny behind).

                              Kenny started insulting her by calling Jane "nothing".

                              • Doesn't matter who started it, her participating in it is more counterproductive. Jane also insulted Kenny but if she had backed away from that and was less aggressive she would indirectly prove her point. Also the fact that she wanted to leave AJ behind was likely the reason Clem refused to leave.

  • Because they kinda forced the end... I mean, what they wanted to make you do is go by yourself.

    They want your Clementine to grow by herself. All alone. Without anyone to protect her everytime. Not only that. They're reversing roles. She has always been the protected and not the protector. Now they want her to become a protector to make her feel what other people felt when they had "protection Clem duties".

    Honestly? I don't like the ending. I hate it a bit. I hate the fact that they had to kill Luke. WHAT THE FUCK. SERIOUSLY. YOU COULD'VE KILLED MIKE. Or Bonnie or anyone BUT LUKE! You bunch of assholes.

    I really liked Luke. I was in for that choice since the beginning of the episode but then they just fucking kill him. WHAT THE HELL DUDE.

    I am kinda sad and almost cried in every choice I had to make. Did some research too... Yeah, some googlin', ya know... I almost cried when Kenny left Clem and was shocked when that bitch of Jane did that to Kenny. She risked everybody's lives just to prove a fucking point. How fucking selfish is that? And don't come to me and tell me that she didn't know what she was doing or what the hell she was thinking because she was so aware of what she was doing when she asked my Clemmy to not "interfere". Interfere into what? Into her fucking genius plan on getting everyone killed!

    Back on topic, Telltale wanted Clementine to be alone at the end... For fuck's sake, they even give you the option to shoot Kenny after he kills Jane! It's like the end of Season 1... When she finds herself alone, after she leaves Lee. She finds herself in a field... Alone. Except this time she's with AJ. And nobody comes to get her...

    Fucking bullshit. I hate the end of this season. Hope they can make Season 3.

  • I killed Kenny #Imsorryforthat but I like Jane, obviously if there was a choice to save Luke I would save him in the 1st place. But I have no regrets, I miss almost all of the characters who died till now

  • Honestly it's hard to take sides even if I'm more of a Kenny person. Both lost it at some point.

    No matter what happens, Clem will be alone again anyway :)

  • It was an incredibly hard decision for me but I eventually shot Kenny.

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