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Anyone reading any good books lately?

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Well, I've just started reading Airborn, which is turning out to be a pretty nice book. It basically takes place in an alternate version of the 1900's where air vehicles are used almost entirely for transportation, and it's basically an airborne version of a Pirates of the Carribean film. Only with a fifteen-year-old cabin boy instead of a Johnny Depp-lookalike captain, as well as other younger people.

Oh, yes, and I'm rereading the new Sam & Max Surfing the Highway paperback I got in the mail a few days ago :D

So I'm wanting to know, what are some other books you guys are reading? Anything the rest of us should keep an eye on?

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  • I read "Son of the Mob" a while back, and then I read "Bifocal".
    I don't know if I would recommend any of them, they were okay.

  • I read Yes Man by Danny Wallace recently. The book chronicles a year of Danny's life after he was kind of stuck in a rut when a stranger on a bus told him to say yes more. So he decides to then say yes to EVERYTHING for an entire year. Quite literally everything mind you. Best part is that it's an entirely true story and is hilarious throughout! and yes the Jim Carrey movie is based on the premise of the book. Though they're almost nothing a like. I highly recommend it to everyone!

  • Let the recommendations begin!

    If anyone is looking for a nice, lengthy series to get into, I would suggest Stephen King's Dark Tower series. I must warn you that the series is a bit better if you've read most of his other stuff, because he drops a lot of references to his other works throughout the series, but it would also be magnificent as a standalone piece. Following Roland of Gilead, the last gunslinger, in his travels through Midworld, our world, and multiple others, in a quest to save everything (not just one world, but literally everything, in all worlds and all dimensions) which leads him to the Dark Tower. This 7-book series is some of the best stuff I've ever read.

    Another great series to look into is Douglas Adam's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. 5 books of hilarity ensue after Arthur Dent's world is destroyed to make way for an intergalactic highway.

    Unfortunately, I fail to do justice to the awesomeness of these series.

    Right now, I'm reading less exciting stuff - Inkdeath, the finale to Cornelia Funke's Inkheart series. I hadn't read ay of the series since Inkheart came out, and when I heard all three were released, I decided to read 'em all over again.

  • recently i have read the first 3 Bone books which are ace (as you should all know). As well as Angel after the fall (a graphic novel set after the TV series which is also pretty good).

  • Regarding the title of this thread, (not the be annoying, but)
    "reading any good books lately" is bad grammar.
    "reading" means you are currently in the book, and "lately" means in the past.
    So it's a PARADOX!!!!

  • I've been reading Killing Mr. Griffin by Lois Duncan

  • I've just started reading the book version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. It's basically the exact same events of the games, only in writing form. It's a lot better because you don't have to do any work. And besides, I had already returned my copy of the game back to Blockbuster.

  • A Year at the Movies by Kevin Murphy

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