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Please take this to stop the hate: Survey of TWDG forum (this one's different!) UPDATE:Some Results!

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In an effort to help free us all from the hate around here, I decided to make a short survey to help us understand each other!

I know most people around here use for polls but those don't let you analyze answers to several questions. E.g. I wanted to find answers to questions like, "What percentage of Kenny fans actually stayed with Kenny in the end?" and "What percentage of Luke fans went with Jane, or went alone?" and "Does having a minority opinion mean you're more likely to be vocal or angry?" So I created a surveymonkey, because I'm really curious, and I really think the results will help us realize we're not as polarized as we think we might be!

One note: I know there are sort of more endings if you let the timer run out, but I wanted to keep things simple here and easy to analyze.

Thanks for filling it out [it's short!], and feel free to comment! :) You of course don't have to put your answers below if you don't want to. Hopefully the survey results will help users not be so harsh to each other!

Update: Oops! Didn't realize that I could share results immediately. Here are the preliminary results: so you can see where you are. I still plan on doing an analysis of it by seeing what percentage of certain groups chose one option over another, because that's not presented in that link. Will post that sometime later in a day or two after enough people have taken the survey.

Update #2: Apparently surveymonkey only allows the first 100 responses before I have to pay to look at the rest. -_- Right now I have 110, but I can't see the most recent 10. But still, feel free to fill it out if you haven't yet! I'll try to find some way around it...

  • All this will do once the final results are posted is it will make people feel bad for liking their ending and being in the minority of that.

    • Then I shall replay episode 5 Chapter 10 and shoot Kenny over and over as a form of protest :D

    • Do you really think so? :/ That wasn't my intention at all; I don't want to make anyone feel bad. In fact, my ending was in the minority (heck all my survey answers were in the minority), and I feel better after looking through these results. I'm just trying to gather data and make sense of it. I can't change it if I am in the minority, but I'll deal with it how I can--with more knowledge so I can understand people not like me! haha. I also want to show that perhaps those we thought were extreme aren't as much as we first thought. Maybe I feel better because I've started cross-analyzing it further than the results above, but I'll post that a little later. Also I actually made a mistake and never asked a clear question of "What was your actual ending?" in the survey so that answer isn't actually in the results. But how is taking this survey any worse than comparing your ending to TT's official results? :(

      Also if you wanted to see the results so far (it's posted above in the OP) it looks like 51% like Kenny, but a close 40% like Luke for Q7. In my analysis I've found that of the 51 people who liked Kenny the most, 45% of them identify with Kenny and 45% of them identify with Luke, completely even. Of these same 51, 84% like Luke and 52% like Jane. I honestly wasn't expecting those numbers to be so high, but I'm glad to be pleasantly surprised.

    • Why would you feel bad if you're in the minority

      • Haha because sometimes it's no fun being alone. You feel misunderstood, or that no one agrees with you. There might be no one to talk with that you can express yourself to and have someone understand what you're saying. Sometimes people will even make a villain out of you unfairly. I'm a minority ethnically speaking too, so I always know how it feels to be the odd man out. It's not always a big deal, but sometimes it is unfortunately.

        But you can also celebrate your differences too. If everyone was the same, the world would be a pretty boring place. To see something from someone else's viewpoint or someone else's culture can often be a breath of fresh air, if you let it.

      • Because it leads to bullying.

        That's why nerdy kids are bullied at schoo. Because they're 'different'.

        The confidence of the kenny fans in the bad-mouthing and rudeness that many of them demonstrate is probably because they like the fact that the forum is pro kenny. They compete for upvotes, they bandwagon spouting the same torrid jokes and the same torrid memes.

        This is the first time the Kenny fans have felt challenged, due to most people shooting Kenny. As a result they panic, and try to claim all kinds of things and insult other users.

        Polls like this will never bring anything other than making people feel bad

        • Because it leads to bullying.

          This is absolutely true as well.

          Polls like this will never bring anything other than making people feel bad

          I'm really sorry you feel this way. :( Would you please explain further? Who (which minority) will feel bad exactly? The Kenny fans? The Jane fans like us? Maybe I can rectify the situation.

          • Whichever minority comes into being. The effects of feeling in the minority can be seen from the way many Kenny fans have acted after this episode: they were so used to thinking everyone agrred with them ,then BAM< minority time, crack out the death threats, start saying Lee hates you if you shoot him etc. etc.

            I know how it feels to be in a minority. And it sucks.

            Life has enough real minorities. There's no need to make people feel liek that when it's unnecessary.

            That's my opinion :)

            • Well I honestly think it's good for people to be in a minority sometimes, especially if they never had been before. Then they get the chance to see what it's like. Even if it's not the most ideal situation to be in, it can still be a good learning experience. Sure not everyone's reaction will be the best the first time, but there are definitely some people who are learning from it that we just don't hear from. (About 28% of the people who took my survey never comment anywhere here! But they still have an opinion.)

              I know how it feels to be a minority too. Thankfully it doesn't usually suck for me. My parents are both from India, and during the 9/11 attacks I was honestly pretty scared for them bc they both worked in NYC at the time. Recently my dad was attacked in NYC for no good reason and was hospitalized for two days. We're not sure if it was a hate crime, but it was pretty scary whatever happened (he had amnesia so we don't know.)

              But just because choosing an unpopular "not real" game choice puts you in a minority doesn't mean we can't practice dealing with being in a minority for real. There's no reason to shy away from them (you can if you want), but confronting them is healthier in my opinion.

              I respect you and I respect your opinion :) but that's mine. :p

              • But the problem is, the people that this survey will make feel in the minority for their opinions are the Jane fans, a group who has already had that shoved down their throat and has clung to the statistics as their only hope.

                • Dude, you know I'm a Jane fan too right? D: In fact, the whole reason I made this poll and this thread was to deal with how I felt isolated because I am a Jane fan. (I really wish I had the energy to defend her everywhere I see someone badmouth her unfairly like you do, but I just don't. -_- Even though I do sometimes and could probably open up a can of serious whoop-ass if I wanted to lol.) But like I was saying, I made this poll bc I was feeling low about my opinion. I also couldn't understand why some people felt the way they did, so I wanted to see their perspective, and the Kenny vs. Jane threads were too full of acidic crud to sort through for me to find those reasons. A survey like this won't nearly help me understand people's perspectives as well as if I talked to them one-on-one, but it's a small step.

                  I've already accepted that the Jane fans are in the minority [here, at least] and I've accepted that she isn't too popular. Maybe that's why I'm not clinging to statistics, because I am fine being in the minority. You must see a lot more acidic stuff than I do, just because I don't go through those threads all the time, and that must be really wearing on you. :( But I'm a realist [must be why I relate to Jane so much lol] and as a realist, I know if people don't like Jane, then they don't like Jane. They're wrong in my humble opinion but I'm not always going to try to change their minds. And I still respect their opinions. Y'know Jane wouldn't give a shit about random people not liking her, right? ;)

                  I always find solace in knowledge. Whether it's finding out more about an unknown medical condition or trying to find out why I unwittingly upset a friend or researching career options for my future, more knowledge always helps me feel better. People are afraid of the unknown, and that fear sometimes turns into hate. By finding out more about each other, I think we can disperse this hate and ill feelings that come along with it. Lol cue cheesy music.

                  Some more unreasonably hateful (possibly younger or just immature) fans here will get older and learn to treat others better. Some won't. There's not that much we can do about it now, but we can try. And you're fighting the good fight there. ;)

                  I've accepted Jane isn't that popular. But I can't help still loving her. And I still think my opinion rocks. I honestly think your opinion rocks too Flog, and you shouldn't let the haters getcha down. :) [lol not trying to be cheesy here] Everyone else's opinion is great too! haha. Oh, there's the cheese. Break out the wine for all this cheeese.

                  You don't have to look at my poll and I won't quote my statistics to you anymore, and I won't force you to look at my extended results when they're up. But I won't be changing my survey, because I honestly think it will be more beneficial than detrimental for all of us.

                  P.S. You know I think you're awesome right? I wasn't lying before. :p

            • I love being in the minority. The majority loves Michael Bay movies. The Majority thinks Twilight is a good book / movie... The majority brings us reality tv and shitty pop music.

              I'll wear the minority badge with pride!

    • I don't see why that's any of our concern. Some insecurities are unreasonable.

  • Great survey! I'm not going to bore everyone by posting all my choices, but in a nutshell:

    I liked Kenny, Luke, and Jane for different reasons. Identified with Jane because I'm a female & believe "have to be tough to survive."

    1st ending: Shot Kenny (cried) went with Jane & let family in. Rational of staying with Jane was best survival chance despite betrayal. Didn't want to lose humanity so let family in.

    Preferred ending: Kenny lives, Jane dies, leave Kenny at Wellington - rational was simply more emotional/better ending (but only because Telltale wrote it that way.) Kenny's actions reasonably justified by "discovery" but still stand by original ending since I couldn't just stand by doing nothing & did feel Kenny was at breaking point.

  • Apparently at the age of 23 I'm old.

    Go figure

  • I'm surprised I was one of the very few females that took this survey. Not that many.. anyways, nice job on making the survey.

    • Thanks! I was under the impression from other polls that there were very few females here to begin with?

      And unfortunately surveymonkey will only show the first 100 responses. There are 193 right now but we can't see the last 93. I'm working on getting those responses back though. :)

  • Bump! Would like to get results from all over the world, not just some places. :)

  • Wow. I'm actually surprised at what ending was the most common. Even letting in the suspicious family just to be nice. If you're gonna go with Jane, you should at least learn something from her, I think.

    • Well the results are somewhat similar to the overall game results. Here are the game results from wiki, and my survey's results so far are in bold next to them.

      Shot Kenny - 69.7% (61%)

      Looked away/Didn't pick up the gun/Watched - 30.3% (39%)

      Friendship: In the end, who are you with?

      With AJ, Jane and the family - 24.7% (37%)

      Alone with AJ - 22.7% (16%)

      With AJ at Wellington - 16.6% (18%)

      With AJ and Kenny - 13.5% (26%)

      With AJ and Jane - 10.4% (3%)

      The forum population seems to end up with AJ and Kenny much more (twice as much, 26% vs 13.5%) as the rest of players. And a lot of forum members end up with AJ, Jane, and the family more (37% vs. 24.7%) than the rest of players as well.

    • Just because she taught me how to survive doesn't mean I have to be an uncaring robot. Letting the family in is a great way to show that she's not in charge and that I'm going to give people a chance no matter what this world throws at me. Jane may be right about survival but I'll never agree that shutting everyone else out will help.

    • @Rockworm is right. And if you let the timer go out on that decision, Jane will decide to let the family in. Indicating that Jane's learned to be trusting from Clem. And that's purely awesome in my book. ;)

  • yeah right stop the jane vs kenny thread it's getting fucking ridiculous

    the haters, the fans

    Alt text

  • Being a 15 year old girl, I was surprised at how many of the gameplayers are male!

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