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Maybe MI2 is not the next remake...

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What's the secret of Monkey Island? Just ignore the rest of my post... :p

Maybe they will make other shorter remakes as Maniac Mansion or Loom while working on MI2?

Really, I would like them to remake each one of the 2d point'n click games.

Anyone else would like a Zak remake?

I'm thinking they will take their time for a MI2 LR remake because:

- it has the amazing ¡Muse system
- the brilliant hand-painted art. I hope they still have it so they can scan it in high res
- they need to give Guybrush time to grow his hair after what they've done to him in MI:SE! And also his beard.

And one of the games that I would want more to see in an updated form is Day of the Tentacle. At least they already have the voices for that.

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