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Save Games cannot be transfered between two versions of the same game

posted by GMMan on - last edited - Viewed by 227 users

I downloaded a copy of S&M EP4 about a few weeks ago on Steam. Later, when I found out about Telltale's free version, I downloaded that. I was going to uninstall the Steam copy, but when I copied prefs.prop and all my .save to the Telltale version, when I try to load one of my saved games, the game crashes. It seems that there are some differences between the two versions (aside from the Steam version having built in "copy protection" and the TTG version uses Armadillo and a shell). I haven't tried updating the game (EP4 is still marked as a demo, and Steam doesn't update demos; someone should tell Valve to fix that), and prefs.prop doesn't seem like the problem (I've started a new game and can load/save games with the old prefs.prop). Anyone knows what is going on? Thanks.

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