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Adventure Bundle install problems

posted by fisla on - last edited - Viewed by 427 users

I've finally got my own PC back, and was really looking forward to play the Adventure Bundle games I purchased long ago, but never got to download.

After somehow getting around some initial download problems, I still get an NSIS Error when I try to install a game. I've tried uninstalling and re-downloading, but that doesn't work - even after deleting the "temporary internet files".

I'm all new on this forum, but can I see there was a lot of talk here about problems with Adventure Bundle back when the Adventure Bundle was new. I've read quite a lot of it today. Did any of you guys finally get to install and play, or did you just give up in the end? If this story has a happy ending, I'll be very happy to hear about it, because I really want to install and play these games!

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