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Puzzle agent 2 PC (steam) not working

posted by welshwuff on - last edited - Viewed by 3K users

Hihi, ok so ive tried so many tricks to try getting this to work, reinstall, updating graphics/sound drivers, registry yada yada... and just... nothing works.

Ok so what happens is the game loads up, i get the first two screens (Telltale and Graham Hannable credits) and... crashes, it says "grickle102.exe" is not responding and just closes. Now i've also tryed Puzzle agent 1 and the same thing happens even though i could play it fine before back when 1 was released, i get "grickle101.exe" is not responding.

Is anyone else having problems with the PC version? im running it on Steam on windows 7 64bit with a GTX 480 Nvidia card.

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