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Ridley Scott's Prometheus (Alien Prequel) Thread

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Four leaked photos from the set of Ridley Scott's upcoming film Prometheus (aka the prequel to Alien) have been leaked. Observe and worship the following slices of awesomeness...

cave-450x335.jpgA cave of some sort. You may note that the walls have an H.R. Giger (the creator of the Alien creature) vibe to them. Also, please note that the tractor is not a part of a set but rather an asset of the production team.

entrance.jpgMankind discovers an ancient doorway built by the mysterious Space Jockey race (whose skeletal remains were seen in the original Alien). Note the hieroglyphics surrounding the archway.

prometheus_set3.jpgThis is the secondary arch, just beyond the entrance shown in the pervious photo. Note the scale of the set against the chair towards the lower portion of the photo, this set is fucking epic!

prometheus_set_2.jpgWe're now through the second archway and standing in the main chamber. All three of the above photos are displaying one massive, glorious set. You may notice that we're certainly not in Kansas anymore, but inside the genius mind of H.R. Giger. The franchise hasn't looked this close to its source material since Ridley's original '79 masterpiece...

SpaceJockey.jpgThis is the Space Jockey set from the original Alien. It looks rather similar to the leaked photo above, yes?

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  • The first official still from Prometheus has been released. Footage is expected to follow (via Comic-Con) very soon...


  • Photos from the footage shown at Comic-Con have been leaked. They may be low quality but they do offer a tantalising glimpse of what's to come. Interestingly, these shots appear to have been taken from a cam-video, suggesting that the actual footage may be getting leaked soon.


    ... I have reuploaded the photos for you on page 3 of this thread.

  • Two new set photos have been leaked...

    prommy1.jpgThis first image shows that the objects seen in the silo are not eggs but in fact urns, believed to contain the mysterious green gloop.

    prommy2.jpgThe second photo reveals some more Giger influenced set design.

    Furthermore , closer examination of two of the screen grabs from the Comic-Con footage reveal something of interest...

    162b028d8fbacc707c6a_1.jpgThere is a large sculpture of what appears to be a human head in the silo. In the above shot, you can see this head from the back (with the ears to the left and right of the object).

    162b028d8fbacc707c6a_14.jpgHere you can see the head to the right of the shot (it's side on), with the nose being fairly prominent.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    tinypic doesn't seem to be reliable... maybe try imageshack instead?

  • @Vainamoinen said: tinypic doesn't seem to be reliable... maybe try imageshack instead?

    I'm seeing the images fine on my end. :confused:

  • @Davies said: If you were to take the first three Alien films and lay them out, it is the second film which actually stands as the odd one out. Alien3 is the true spirtitual followup to the original masterpiece.

    You just summarized in short why I hate Aliens and Love Alien³. Thanks.

  • @Davies said: I'm seeing the images fine on my end. :confused:

    It's cached in your browser.

  • Here's the leaked photo's from Comic-Con, reuploaded for you, at great time and effort for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy...

    Charlize Theron as the company suit with a dark secret.

    A silo containing urns which are reminiscent of the eggs from Alien.

    Micheal Fassbender as the android David.

    Idris Elba.

    The crew firing handguns at something offscreen.

    Noomi Rapace performing naked situps and looking like Milla Jovovich from The Fifth Element.

    This is either a woman in great pain or experiencing tremendous pleasure. I'm willing to bet on the former.

    Charlize Theron as Vickers.

    Two crew members examining a specimen.

    A medical readout.

    Two vehicles and a lot of floodlights.

    Noomi Rapace falls to the floor due to the debilitating affects of long distance space travel.

    One of the crew wearing a Minority Report style glove.

    The ships medical room.

    A platform which is similar to that of the Space Jockey as seen in Alien, sans Mr. Jockey.

    Firing a flamethrower at something... could it be a xenomorpth?!

    Noomi Rapace looks on in astonishment.

    I'm willing to bet that this man is not yawning.

    A far away shot of the silo (with the giant head).

    Noomi Rapace.

    'Did anyone else hear that?!'

    Noomi Rapace lies in hypersleep.

    A crew member examines something upon the ground.

    A look at the newly designed hypersleep pods.

    Idris Elba sits in a area of the ship that is highly evocative of the Nostromo's bridge.

    I think it's fairly obvious which aspects of the film have been designed by Neville "Tron Legacy" Page.

    The mysterious green gloop contained within the urns.

    The interior of a vehicle.

    Micheal Fassbender looks curiously at a drop of blood upon his finger.

    A cave leading to a great discovery.

    A set that looks like a cleaner version of the Nostromo's airlock.

    The silo, the urns and the giant head.

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